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  1. Scenario Adaotation

    I have some documents for working with Drools. But I didn't know how to integrate it with .NET. I thinks that's what I need! thanks so much[img][/img]
  2. Scenario Adaotation

    The game can be a simple 2D game. I work with XNA to create the game. My game's scenario should adapt itself to the history of player's actions within the game and current game world state.I want to use Drools Rule Engine in order to capture player's actions and use them for adaptation, but I don't know how should I do that. How could I use this rule engine in Microsoft XNA?
  3. Scenario Adaotation

    Hi guys I want to implement an adaptable scenario in a serious game. I have found my algorithm but I don't know how I should implement it. I'm already behind my schedule and I want to do this in 4 or 5 month, how can I do it and where should I start? Should I create a game from scratch? Or can I use a pre-created serious game?