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    [attachment=23033:six logo1.jpg]   Description   Six Miles Under is a 2D brawler game set in a dismal, post-apocalyptic reality of an underground city. The game combines action with investigating elements, all set in hand-drawn surroundings and supported by film noir style plot.   The game is primarily single player, but we are also considering additional co-op maps that would fit the story.   We've been greenlit recently, and are preparing beta build for broader testing.   Alpha trailer   Check it out on Youtube, or directly on Greenlight page.   Release Date and Platforms   Early 2015 for Windows, Mac and Linux   Features   - Dynamic and diverse combat (currently our main effort, blog post with big update coming soon) - Atmospheric art style accompanied by rock/metal music - Investigation system that helps unfold the story     More info   - Our Webpage - Recently created DevBlog, where updates are going to be posted - Facebook and Twitter for easy access to updates     Let us know what you think!
  2. Hi guys.   I have a question regarding a choice of a scripting language for a game i'm creating. I've read quite a lot of articles on the internet regarding this issue, but most of them are quite general, so i thought i'll give you a quick background and specific features i need.   I am making a game in C++ only atm, with a couple of libraries ( SFML, Box2d), and the core logic of it is pretty much done. ATM i'm moving on to create content, which requires alot of placing objects and fine-tuning things like locations, velocities and whatnot.   What i require is someting light-weight, possibly easiest to embed and with familiar ( similar to C++) or easy syntax, simply to be able to change values during run time and write some parts of the code, that will require fine-tuning, like AI.   I am the only one doing the code, so i won't be making any editors or anything more advanced.   From what i've read Python is too heavy and unnecessary for such a task. Lua is lighter, but i'm not a fan of the syntax, and it requires a lot of boilerplate code to get things done. And even though it is quite popular, i have hard time finding good entry level articles. The one i find most interesting is AngelScript, since it works closely with C++, has similar syntax and is fast. Is it a good choice, or are there some others better suited for the task?
  3. Once again, thanks for replies. I'm currently trying out SFML, if it doesn't work out for some reason, i'll go back to SDL. But at this point it seems very functional, and changelog for ver 2.0 is promising.
  4. Thanks for the answer. Yeah, in general, we're planning something like Little Fighter, although we're focusing on single player, and a unique gfx style;) Actually we're planning windows only version at this moment, so dependency/availibility is not a problem;) Things we're looking at are: - documentation/tutorials/community - so in general, popularity, which helps with finding solutions to any problems that may come - fexibility - to use only certain libraries if needed, or easily add some outside of the base engine - complicity - as you said, although this comes to personal preference - possibility of performing as many operations as possible on high-level, to simply save time
  5. Hiya. Me and some of my friends are planning to create a small dev team to create a 2D side-scrolling brawler for PC. We have solid experience in c++, and are now looking to select an engine/libraries. After looking through web i narrowed the choices to SFML, SDL, Allegro and ClanLib. Out of those i have experience with SDL, and it seemed quite functional to me, but according to what i found, other choices might speed up the development process due to being more high-level. Also it seems that SDL is the least updated out of those. I understand, that in the end, all of those have similar capabilites, so i'm wondering if time put into learning other engines will help with the process in the future.
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