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  1. i have also been working on a libgdx pacman version my biggest problem is the ghost ai :( how did you solve this??
  2. check you this dude http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEhBM2x5MG9-e_JSOzU068w he makes some good videos on genereal math that are used in 3d / 2d game development and some vary advance stuff
  3. thanks for the answere so i cut use the slick lib with the andEngine ?? on android ??
  4. do you know if andEngine ore libgdx is looking anything like slick when working with graphics ?? just a quick question not sure what the different is on a engine and a library ?? I have only been using slick library with has been great for my programming skills atm I'm enjoying making board games so if you know anything that good for that it wut be great
  5. hey is there any good 2d game libary for android outhere looking like slick?? i know slick is in progress with becoming a android lib but not stable yeat
  6. hey so i have been working with slick library for some time now and wanna take my project to android with seems to be a work in progress for slick so i been googling for some time and found this library called libgdx with seems to be used on android so my questions is 1. if im desiden to use libdgx am i going to use openGL ?? 2. is my code going to look any thing like slick ?? when working with graphics?? 3. is libgdx using like a render metode and a update and a create metode ?? and is it like state based?? 4. is there any othere librarys out there is shut take a look at ??
  7. simondid

    Titlescreen Art ( want opinions )

    cut be nice to see it with just the menu text
  8. simondid

    Titlescreen Art ( want opinions )

    looks realy nice but are you going to add any more text ??
  9. sry for the long replay time but the click tracking has gotten better but still not even near perfekt any idears??
  10. ya thats the funktion i'm having trubel with.... i'm traying with the for loop to look true every singel position on x axis with is the same length as the y array this [source lang="java"] if((mouseX>trackingposX&&mouseX<trackingposX[i+1])&&(mouseY<trakingposY&&mouseY>trakingposY[i+1])){[/source] it is for desiden if the mouse is with in exampel trackingposX[0] and trackingposX[1] and if it is also with in trackingposY[0] and trackingposY[1] the [source lang="java"]if(input.isMousePressed(0)){ brik[i-8] = 3; }[/source] is for checking if the mouse is clicked and placing a brik on the position the reason for the i+8 is that for some reason it has been placing the brik 8 position ahead off the clicked position hope this helped you a littel understanding the code sry for my english
  11. INFERNAL-RK ya i know most off the 4 mb is grafiks and othere stuff not relavent to the questions the only file ppl has to look at is chessGame ;) it's kinda hard to seperate becouse the code is spread out over the hole file
  12. hey so I'm working on a chess game and I'm struggling with getting the briks to move right and I can't figure out how to get them moving right if someone cut pleas take a look at it have packed the hole eclipse save folder in to a rar and link it with the post I know that the current code aren't moving the birks around atm.... i'm using the slick lib sry for my English
  13. thanks for the good answeres i ended op using greenvertex replay works perfektly bluehaliex i have been think the same as you but can find the right code for that to work sry for my english
  14. hey okay so I'm kinda new to game development so I have this game where I need to switch turns after each mouse click the way I forth I cut due this was to put this code inside the update part if((mouseX>25&&mouseX<195)&&(mouseY<605&&mouseY>435)){ if(Mouse.isButtonDown(0)){ if(playTurn ==1){ places[1] = 1; playTurn = 2; }else if(playTurn ==2){ places[1] = 2; playTurn = 1; }else{ } } } but it's simply updating to fast so when the user holds down the mouse button / clicking slow it don't just switch turn 1 time but maybe 100 times witch I don't want I need it to only switch turn one pre click no matter what&nbsp; how can I do this ?? have been traying to fix this bay using thread but i'm not good at using threads so can't get it working sry for my english
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