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  1. Hi, I hope with all your help, especially those that know and maybe been trough such kind of coding of the 3D models and implementing custom choices (features : eyes , nose , years , skin color , fat / skinny , child > adult > aged , hair , skin hair..etc) in to other engines that don't have a custom avatar creation, or for your own made from scratch software not necessarily attaching it to some other engine. So... I guess we would be very appreciative for your contribution, for the evolution of the gaming community that may be capable of such goals. You may add / tribute with : - name of tools ? - name of methods ? - authors with publications ? - any known information or links that may help everyone interested. ( Under this doted line, here in the main post, I will add all the information helpful and my provide any light for who is interested ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Link : [url="http://gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/9069/what-solutions-are-available-for-3d-character-creation-editing-in-games"]http://gamedev.stack...diting-in-games[/url] ( In that link that I found there is 1-2 comments and a link for some source code for Unity, but that can be probably transformed/adapted in any other language or you can pick what helps to make a more complex customization system of your own... I guess is a start for a first link) ( link posted by Govercin ) - Link : http://www.youtube.com/user/BurgZergArcade ( Here is the youtube page of what I have seen to be an amazing guy that took and takes his time to explain every step of what seems to be an MMO made in Unity ( important part is that he talks about methods / the code he writes and much more). Check it out and I hope you will like it for me I basically found what I was looking for in those videos ( how to make a GUI and custom character creation from the GUI to launch you in to the physical world of the MMO, but I will keep looking for features and maybe add more info from other parts of the web that I find (keep the guide going!)).) ( link posted by Govercin ) - Next Link or information ? ( link / info posted by "....." ?)
  2. I'm not really a 1 man army.But I'm glad for all the feedback for all your concerns.All the "what if that goes wrong!?" subject intrigues me.It helps perfecting things.So keep up it going. For now I found 1 engine(Outerra) .. and I'm observing closely the progress. It might be promising!
  3. [quote name='Dwarf King' timestamp='1344044718' post='4966009'] Why not just start with a smaller area of "Jupiter", You could load the areas in levels instead of a huge open world. People could be presented to a map of a planet and then click the areas they wish to travel to and then load that area. Then suddenly a lot of engines would be fine for the job. Just a suggestion. [/quote] Well... my vision is to get rid of the actual MMO style.No maps(Self made by players and sold to one and each other... keeping it a bit of secret!).No buttons.No clicks.No minimap.No leveling.No experience.Maybe I will reinvent the character walk.And definitely No! "portals"(but I will make portals available... only that will be required like 10 Mages to hold the portal open or gather all the Mages from all the realm to help enchant a portal linked to another part of the continent, the greater the distance the greater the power needed... and a lot of materials wasted to do magic, magic dust and wands! The reason I have this in mind with the open world.. is cause I just want to get away from the "hit the invisible wall" type of games. But the idea of starting small is very wise of you.I was thinking of that. But please I need help with idea's of some engine that I do not know of. A name please!
  4. [quote name='SimonForsman' timestamp='1344038295' post='4965985'] The big problem with your idea is the planet size, Jupiter is huge, 6.1419×10^16 m2 , so if you use 1 byte for every 1m2 of surface (very low detail, enough for a space MMO where you view the planets from a low orbit) you'd still need 61.42 PetaBytes of data, if you want weather effects, rivers, etc you need far more detail than that aswell. This basically means that you need a procedural terrain generator. (Allthough i don't see why you'd want such a large world, even something as "small" as earth would be overkill for an MMO since even the truly great MMO backends will struggle if you try to push them past 100k players in a single world) [/quote] I like that word... "overkill" ... makes me imagine things beyond my time. In the future humanity will play MMO's with real living things on some what planet terraformed just for the sake of the survival of their artificial life forms created just for the fun of some rich kids in the year 200k. But ofc, I have a plan in my mind, so Jupiter is a bit overreacting, or is it?(maybe, I still doubt myself, I have no idea yet!)... so I have a plan, and that plan in one idea is BiG!
  5. [quote name='SimonForsman' timestamp='1344034925' post='4965976'] AFAIK that hasn't been done yet so you'd have to make your own engine. [/quote] That is a bit untrue. I have searched but the thing I found seem a bit unfinished. Like the amazing Outerra engine. But the problem is that with Outerra you cannot make your own land masses, continents, yet... But I do not have a few years to wait upon them finishing. I want something to work on now. I really do have 16 hours free per day. I have a lot of knowledge, I've been a year at computer science. I have a hobby of writing , drawing , modeling in 3D and animating , I know a lot of people that might be willing to help me with my project... ...so... I need an good Engine!
  6. Hello everyone, I'm searching for weeks for a good engine for what I have in mind, but I don't seem to find something close to what I want. - I need it for making planets, but not necessarily more then 1 , lets say 2. ( lets just say that for starters I need just 1) - Yes! it is for an MMORPG , so it will be probably must be with some sort of complex texturing. - I must be able to create my own shape of continents and save it on my hard drive. ( even if it requires 500GB space cause the planet is the size of Jupiter) - It must have the options of environment creation: making rivers , lakes , forest , controlling the weather, underwater , caves. ( caves the size of a country / state ) - Importing 3DS Max files ( or something, anything ). - That's almost all I want, any idea of such engine available?