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    Hey man, what you want is certainly doable. However, Obj-C can be a little scary at first. I know the feeling of just wanting to get going with writing your first game (that was only a 5-6 months ago for me), but the others here are would suit you very well to pick up a few fundamentals of programming in general. I'm still a very new computer science student myself, but I'm finding more and more that the seemingly trivial exercises I did over and over...and over in coding class dampen the learning curve for game programming quite a bit. My school uses C# for introductory teaching purposes, and rightfully's quite approachable. It's also the language that Windows and Xbox games speak. ;) I've dabbled a bit into Xcode and some Obj-C and it takes a little getting used to. But here's the encouraging part...once you understand the fundamentals of writing code in general (objects, modularity, etc), each language/environment's little quirks will be SO much less of a setback. A little digging around in the documentation or on google and you'll be sailing in the new language like you were born to use it! In conclusion, learn C (almost identical syntax to Obj-C) and read about general logic...then go from there. Best of luck to programming is an absolute blast and there are so many resources out there ripe for the picking.