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    Learning Math really from scratch

    You say you studied for grades in school. What is your goal this time, to study only enough maths so you can do the programming you're thinking of right now, or to actually gain that luscious deeper understanding and have a larger set of mathematical tools to choose from in the future?   The best way of learning depends of course on who you are, but having a printed book is hard to beat. As has been mentioned, there are loads of really nice free video lectures online as complementary material, have a look. And considering the level of English in your post, I'd say maths books at the level you're interested in shouldn't be a problem. As always, there's no magic book to open the doors for you, just grab whatever you can find at the local library and have fun. Search for natural science programs in high schools and universities and see in what order they teach maths and go by that. Keep programming and try to find ways to apply what you're learning, and eventually you'll do just that with linear algebra.   Also, don't skip too many parts, thinking they are not relevant to rotating a 3D object. Maths is wonderfully intertwined, and starting with a strong foundation, new things in maths will be "obvious" rather some something you need to cram or constantly look up (i.e. "the reason for this expression is this, so the answer to my question is that" vs "was it this or that, wikipedia help!").   That's what I did, and what I'd do again...
  2.   Note that this will create a higher density of points close to the center of the disc. If you'd prefer a uniform distribution of points in the xy-plane, either generate (x, y)-pairs until one point falls within the circular sector of the player of interest, or scale the points by sqrt(L): [source lang="C++"] x = sqrt(L) * cos(angle); y = sqrt(L) * sin(angle); [/source] Read up on polar integration for more info.
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