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  1. 3Ddreamer

    Web Games Dead?

    I wouldn't say that any medium of gaming is dead, but I would agree that mobile games get the most attention. It's kind of a self feeding thing that this increasingly fast paced world of technology is making people get bored more easily with each idle minute so more people are turning to games on their smart phones or tablets. Mobiles are in their hands and games are available.  That's a natural attraction. I can also see how busier people have less time to sit at home with a computer and play games there. I am wondering what this is going to do to future generations of young people in their mental development.  Will future generations be capable of sitting still and patiently at a computer?  Computers have many advantages over mobiles, so if this is the trend then that would be a terrible loss. 
  2. 3Ddreamer

    How to avoid Burnout/Find Support

    Hi, Some of the motivational techniques that I use are: 1) Choose and stay on a reasonable path of progress, having a general goal in the long term and a daily path which keeps you moving forward. I worked on modding existing games before I learned anything directly about game development. My start was art asset oriented which is easy for me to remain motivated. I tried coding in Java, C#, and now C++. Courses and tutorials were a big help in keeping me motivated because I always felt as if what I was learning was helping me in the long term - step by step. You Need A Plan and Stay With It.  2) Surround yourself with a network of game development friends. It is particularly motivating to work in a team on projects.  3) Pick projects which have you seeing results on almost a daily basis as a reward for your hard work.  Sometimes I watch motivational videos on YouTube.
  3. 3Ddreamer

    Virtual Machines

    Once again, Intel utility and the website says that I am stuck with OpenGL 2.1 after using the Intel driver update utility. There are a few models of Intel hardware versions which are stuck on OGL 2.1   It's weird because I have Win 7 and DirectX 11, but can't get a driver update beyond OpenGL 2.1
  4. 3Ddreamer

    Virtual Machines

    I have a laptop with Intel integrated graphics of some sort. I used the Intel driver update utility and also the OpenGL detection utility. I am stuck with OpenGL 2.1   My impression was that this hardware will never support anything higher than OpenGL 2.1 for whatever reason, according to the Intel website.   There have been so many driver or compatibility issues with Intel that I am almost done with products from that company. It just outrageous to me that I can have DirectX 11 but nothing higher than OpenGL 2.1   Ironically, there is some older Intel hardware which is updatable to OpenGL 3.X or 4.X    Acer (laptop manufacturer) does not handle the issue in this case with this particular laptop model and referred me to Intel.  (UHG!)   Does Visual Studio have an OpenGL detection ability? Can I still develop with OpenGL 4.X in Visual Studio and test in another computer?
  5. 3Ddreamer

    Virtual Machines

    Hi,   Is there a way to use a Virtual Machine as a work around for a hardware limitation?    My computer only has hardware support for OpenGL 2.1 (DirectX 11 is just fine - oddly enough, but can't go above OpenGL 2.1)   I want to develop with SDL 3.X and OpenGL 4.X   This is only for simple 2D and 3D game development when performance is not critical.
  6. 3Ddreamer

    Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

    JohnnyCode,   During the Obama years, all that a non-white person needs to do is set foot on USA soil and the government gives them eventual citizenship. This means that the borders - deliberately unprotected - have millions of people pouring into the USA.   Whites who want to come to the USA legally have a very long and difficult process to becoming a USA citizen - much harder than Latinos pouring over the border.   When my grandparents came to the USA, their families paid their own way and there was absolutely no social welfare program for immigrants.   Now illegal aliens only walk across the border and they are granted all kinds of free help on their way to USA citizenship, costing tens of thousands of US tax dollars.   We have traitors in government, education, and media who approve of the destruction of the USA by unrestricted mass immigration. We are going to have a 21 trillion dollar national debt soon and can not afford to help millions of people per year to come to the USA.
  7. 3Ddreamer

    Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

    The official government figure is something like 15 million illegal aliens in the relative recent past in the USA.  President Hussein Obama gave them amnesty, effectively a direct track to citizenship. I believe that the actual number of illegal aliens in the USA since 2000 is closer to 30 million. Mexico and other Latino nations literally opened their prisons and many of the criminals came to the USA.  I am living in the Midwest where FLOODS of Hispanic people have appeared in recent years. At this rate, the states west of the Mississippi River will become Mexico by the end of this century. I don't understand a word that most of the immigrants say!   Dr. Michael Savage explains it best: " A nation is borders, language, and culture. If you don't have these, then you don't have a nation. "  Clearly the Democratic Party is pandering for votes, even if is means that this nation is destroyed in the process.   Donald Trump will BUILD THAT WALL.  That alone is worth voting for Trump.   As for Hillary Clinton, she should have been in prison by now.
  8. 3Ddreamer

    Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

    Meanwhile, the Democratic Party and most of the mainstream media continue to portray to the American public that the economy is fantastic.   The Congress and mainstream media approval rating is at or near all time lows - single digit percentage.   Most of the public is not fooled, but die hard Democrats will go down with the sinking ship.
  9. 3Ddreamer

    Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

    Workforce participation is very low. Over 25% of the work able population is either unemployed or underemployed.   The debt will reach 21 trillion dollars in several months.   Total trade deficit is over 800 billion dollars per year.   Obama Care raised the insurance premiums of people over 40%.   Wages of the working class has fallen while inflation continues.   Many millions of illegal immigrants were given amnesty by the traitor in the white house.   Student loan debt is over 1.3 trillion dollars.
  10. 3Ddreamer


     A map of 1 km square is a huge task in most games.  Why not start with a 100 m square map?  You might want to think about a sky dome.   Unity and Unreal engines are popular, but there are a bunch of others. List of Game Engines on Wikipedia is informative.   Start really simple !  You can always work through a basic version control and evolve it.
  11. 3Ddreamer

    Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

    The first day of the DNC, there was a lot of booing all day by the Bernie supporters. This got almost no coverage from the mainstream media (same ones who worked with DNC officials to smear Sanders and to deny him TV / radio time), although Fox News covered the booing somewhat.   Second day of the DNC, half the hall was empty as Bernie supporters in large numbers did not show. This also was not covered by the mainstream media (again, accept a little by Fox).   Meanwhile, thousands of Communists and Black Lives Matter protestors were demonstrating against Hillary Clinton and the DNC email / rigged nomination, but - again - mainstream media covered little or none of it.   There was a point last night when a parade of BLM protestors arrived late at the DNC part of Philadelphia.  The Communists and other white protestors were told by BLM to "get to the back of the line".  Again - this got almost no coverage by the mainstream media (who participated in the email scandal with the DNC). Added to this, BLM told the police to leave and they did !   Now, obviously a bunch of people in this thread get almost all of their information from the same deceptive mainstream media which was in the email scandal of the DNC.
  12. 3Ddreamer

    Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

    Hillary approves of NO Borders, unrestricted MASS immigration, welcoming our enemies in huge numbers, and selling the USA to the world - all Far Left points.
  13. 3Ddreamer

    Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

    Democratic Party corruption was exposed for the world to see last Friday as emails were publicized by WikiLeaks.  The DNC emails were hacked, revealing that the mainstream media has been actively working with Democratic Party officials in secret to deny Bernie Sanders any fair chance in the recent Democratic nominee campaign.   Included in the email scandal are obvious anti-Jewish, anti-atheist, and racist comments and jokes. (Mostly political tactics forming in discussions) Of course, lies about Donald Trump and concealing his real positions on matters were included in the Media / Democratic Party scandal.   It is a corrupt and in some cases illegal Democratic Party / Media complex (Far Left) which is proven by the DNC leaked emails.   In the words of Donald Trump, "Most people see now that I was right. It is a rigged system".
  14. 3Ddreamer

    Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

    Every informed person knows that Donald Trump is a political outsider who is opposing the traitor establishment.
  15. 3Ddreamer

    Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

    ChaosEngine,   Donald Trump has stated for many years that he supports the US Constitution, Social Security, Medicare, national security, secure borders, legal immigration, and equal opportunities for all.  The rhetoric by Trump is targeting mostly the Far Left, but unfortunately many people don't see that he is more center overall. He is NOT Far Right by any stretch of the imagination. Now, Islam is Far Right (Yes, there are many law abiding and peaceful Islamists in the USA).   For me, moderate globalism is good, like moderation in many things in life. What we have now is excessive and unregulated (mostly) globalism. The USA is literally being sold to the world like some kind of street harlot. Who is pimping the USA? The Global Elite and their traitor puppets!     Building a secure and effective wall on the US southern border is one of many examples of positions by Trump which indicate more leanings toward patriotism rather than globalism.
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