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  1. Well since the last one was a big success, we had 70 people show up, they decided to have me speak again. I will be talking about Shader Technology this time. This speech will be much shorter since this will be part of a videogame competition. details here http://www.memphischamber.com/MTC/FaceOff/FaceOff.htm Hope to see you there.
  2. ColdFace

    Videogame Presentation

    Directions Finally http://www.thetoad.org/index.php?module=PostCalendar&func=view&viewtype=details&eid=74 Directions Link
  3. ColdFace

    Videogame Presentation

    Hey everyone I will be giving a presentation on the videogame industry on Thursday Oct 7 at Rhodes College in Memphis TN from 6 to 8 pm. This presentation is gear to technology professionals who want to know more about the industry or people who are just generaly interested in the industry(hobbiest/startups/looking for a game job) The presentation will be broad. I cover be covering alot Some Topics Include: Game programming such as data base managment, rendering technology, middleware and such. Content Creation such as game engine intergration with 3dmax, sound design. How to start up/get up a job Since I will be covering alot I will not go into alot of technical detail(depending on the audience, I don't want to create the deer in the headlights stare) If any of you are close to this area feel free to come by. I will be giving away some free games and other stuff. Thanks Now I just need to find Rhodes College....
  4. ColdFace

    'Game Engine' Programming Course

    If you had more time that course load would be great. You really need to ask yourself what you want to teach in this course and what you want the students to achieve. Since you want to focus on game programming, I would really cut down on part 1. The reason being is that is more focused on software engineering design concepts. Even though that is important your course is designed around game programming. But instead of just dropping the material all together you could create some sort of supplement for the students to review at the beginning of the cours instead of teaching it. Don't drop all of part 1 because a few of those things are really important for game programming and that needs to be hammered into there heads. Part 2 looks good. You could drop the embedding of the flash player (even though I would like to know how to do that :) ) Part 3 looks good I would rip out the scritping part in part 4 and what is left in part 4 combine that with part 5. The camera stuff fits more with the animation. Unless you want to focus on scripting langues put that in part 6 for if you have time you will look at it but if not don't worry. Scripting engines are a topic all there own. From the looks of it part 6 is just if you have time so the scripting system would fit there. ColdFace
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