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  1. I have written a DirectCompte program that sends some data to the GPU, processes the data and then retrieves the resultant grid. i.e. this is a GPGPU application. Is anyone familiar with how to do the below without retrieving ALL the Grid data between iterations and sending ALL grid data back to the GPU for every dispatch. There seems to be no easy way to do this sort of thing with DIrectX. Any reasonable direction much appreciated. [b]Existing process:[/b] i.e Normal process is:Grid data Resource allocation+view, Dispatch x 100 iterations, Retrieve Grid data from GPU [b]Now I want to run it as:[/b] Resouce allocation + view Dispatch 1st iteration Retrieve only a small part of the GRID. i.e. the first 10 grid points Update these first 10 grid points with new values from elsewhere Send the updated 10 grid points back to GPU Dispatch 2nd iteration ...... as before ....... 10 grid points only etc Dispatch last iteration Retrieve all Grid data end of process. [b]-------------------------[/b]