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  1. Problem with UV-Coord

    Thank you, it works with your UV-Setup. Unfortunately i don't understand your solution process. Could you maybe tell me why blender is using these coordinates for a non-triangular surface? [url=""][/url]
  2. Hey Guys, I've run into some problems regarding the textures in a Direct3D-Application. For the sake of simplicity I'm using a surface which contains 4 vertices and 6 indices. The surface is built with 2 triangles. The exact coordinates of the two triangles can be found here: [url=""][/url] / [url=""][/url] I can't make out any mistakes concerning the position-coordinates and UV-coordinates (at a first glance). This is the Texture I'm using: [url=""][/url] Let's get to my Question: Why is the pixel-shader mapping the texture like this? [url=""][/url] I'm suspecting the UV-Coordinates because they are most likely causing my problem. What do you think? I would be very happy to read a few suggestions regarding my problem solution.