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  1. face08

    Added Fog Of War via Lighting

    very good I am just looking for it but it's not natural what do you think ? btw Are you making a rts game too??
  2. sorry for my description is not clear It's 2d graphic on flash player or java
  3. thanks I can not get the image ,can you gave me a link and I worry about it is efficient ?
  4. how can I make a bullet tail effect like bellow and how to make if motion is Projectile
  5. in aoe mapEditor when you put your mouse on terrain it will become to a hill (like) ,how it algorithm??
  6. thanks vleugel yeah I know ?but I want to do is how it display?view? as a hill
  7. face08

    2D terrain with elevation

    thanks FLeBlanc but what about 3d parabola show on 2d game,I find aoe has it
  8. face08

    Isometric Hex Picking

    I find a demo like this but AesteroidBlues shows the pic is slant
  9. thanks sebman the AOE II terrain is IsoMetric and has 7 different levels,like below
  10. Hi! I''m developing an isometric engine but I''ve have a problem with the elevation of the terrain... I''ve seen how Age of Empires 2 resolves the problem (7 different levels of elevation) but I can''t imagine how to do it... Can anyone help me please?
  11. face08

    2D terrain with elevation

    I have the same question
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