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    Oldschool effects using shaders

    Plasma effect, for example
  2. Hi all! Can you post in this thread any sources of shaders for cool post effects? Though, not only oldschool but any other cool stuff p.s> I'm talking about OpenGL ES 2.0 shaders, but other shaders would be nice too
  3. mastermind88

    Cycled (infinite) maps

    From video I see that screen just switches when reaching edge, but in pacman (from link above) there is no instant screen switches. You can go and go left (or right) forever and camera will follow you. Imagine you have a cilinder (as I need looping only on X axis) and camera moving around it, just like in civilization. Infinite game world, that's what I mean.
  4. mastermind88

    Cycled (infinite) maps

    Wow, thanks guys! You gave me a lot of mental pabulum Nice idea to make toroidal space, but how to use it in 2D game development? Do you have any samples or so?
  5. Hi all! Anybody seen cycled maps in games? You can see example in pacman game for android: https://play.google.....pacman.cedemo. When you come to the right corner of the maze you finally appear in the left part and vise versa. it's not just teleport, look's like rendering two screens side by side. Don't know how to explain clearer May be there is more appropriate (than my "cycled map") name for that trick? Do you have any ideas how to do that?
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