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  1. Kamil Sawejko

    Tactics Ogre like game

    Hi there, I am looking for team members. Anything from programmers to concept artists. I would like to make a game similar to "Tactics Ogre". It would have an open world where you navigate your character like in any other rpg, and upon encountering a monster a battlefield would be created. Battle would be tactical and turn based. The game would be a part of a franchise. My dream is creating an MMORPG, so I thought I will start with a little rpg game which will take place in the same world. If the game is successful, we can expand from there, and hopefully at some point create an MMORPG. If you are interested, drop me a message at k.sawejko@gmail.com Cheers!
  2. Hi, I sent you a PM. Cheers!
  3. Hi, I am a game designer. I'm looking for people to help me develop a working prototype of a sandbox pokemon-based MMO game. The game would be similar to "WAKFU MMO". It would have a tactical turn-based battle system where players would control pokemon on the battlefield. There would be also a complex eco-system where players can manipulate the flora and fauna, and even make certain pokemon go extinct. The game would have 4 nations and a political system. The main things players would be doing in-game would be: leveling-up their character and tamed pokemon, exploring the world, conquering new lands for the nations, fight the opposing nations, group up to do dungeons/instances, participate in the eco-system (crafting, breeding, gathering, building), and a lot more. We would need to make a game client with a working "tutorial zone", at least one working battle, some pokemon, and some game systems and mechanics in place. After that we would pitch the idea to Nintendo and Pokemon Company. I have most of the lore and game mechanics done on paper. I can't write more regarding the game idea as I don't want others to steal what I have done so far. I really think it is an interesting project, and it could be an awesome and unique MMORPG title. Drop me a message at k.sawejko@gmail.com if you are interested. I will also provide more insight then. Cheers!  
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