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    Another stupid patent

    So, I just read that Worlds.com got, what seems to me, another extremely broad and obvious patent. They already sued a few mmorpg developers on it. So, how do you guys think this patent will affect small game developers? Also, could somebody please explain to me how come they get to register several patents that are basically the same? The earlist '96 patent is basically just like the rest of them. It's basically supposed to expire in three years, yet they have other, more recent patents that seem to be almost identical. How is that even possible? What, do you just get to rephrase your earlier patent and get an extension??   Please, share your thoughts.
  2. Northern

    Another stupid patent

    Well, I really hope that they will not settle it out of court, though. Sometimes, it's good for big companies to just do it because they will have to pay either way: legal fees or licensing. And actually, for companies like Blizzard it could be a good strategy to allow these patents to exist. That way, this patent  which is not even theirs, will still protect them from smaller competitors.   Let's just hope they go to court and invalidate this patent.   But as I said, what I don't understand is how come they get to re register an almost identical patent? So, in order to invalidate it, you need to show prior art before 96, yet they also have a much more recent patent that is almost identical. So what, they both get to claim a patent as early as 96 and yet still, maintain it for longer due to more recent ones? That's what I really don't get. Is it yet another loopwhole in the US patent system that allows you to update your patent to keep it from expiring? Ridiculous.
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