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    Hello, first of all I would like to say, THANK YOU forum, because I was using this forum in order to learn about different kind of programming languages and understand them in basic knowledge. In books, you get technical meanings of functions and how do they work in a programming language, though I did consume some time in order to research every detail that I needed to understanding programming. So I am thanking the forum, because I got myself a job in a apprenticeship for software programming, on the interview I was talking about the theory programming etc which I learnt here and it was a benefit as I got the job [img][/img] The question I got is what are main things I need to learn in C# in order to understand the basic concepts and the theory behind it, what is mean is like list of things such as loops obv etc [img][/img] thanks! oh and can you mention what is c# . a combination of java and c++ or am i wrong?