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  1. Michael Woodard

    US Government Will Never Fix It's Financial Problems

    I think the problem here is the calling the funding of a war "Defense"... It was purely nepotism on the part of the former president... who was the son of a president who had a beef with Saddam Hussien. If he just went after examining Bin Laden's whereabouts instead of declaring war on Iraq, we wouldn't be in those trillions of debt. Dubya was paid off by rich arabian sultans or whatever the hell in oil money....
  2. I posted it on my blog. Didn't want to take up space on here.... http://deathneveracceptsgame.tumblr.com/
  3. Michael Woodard

    Why is dystopian so popular?

    we all know something is bound to go really wrong in the world we live in so I think that's one of the reasons why Post Apocalyptic pops up a lot. I would like to discuss my game and how its different but I'm on a NDA and am still getting permissions to tell about things. It's actually "Voodoogames'' game. Death Never Accepts. So until I'm sure about the details, what do you think makes the apocalypse so entertaining?
  4. Michael Woodard

    Death Never Accepts

    How's this for a summary? We're looking for fresh blood! Will it be yours? Death Never Accepts is having an open casting call. Artists, Programmers, Writers, please apply. Post on forums your qualifications or reply to this post or pm me! Follow us on Twitter. @gameDeathNever. Visit and like us on Facebook! Come to our homepage.
  5. Michael Woodard

    Death Never Accepts

    you did? I must have never gotten the message. Darn skype. I'm supposed to be working on a "Born to Reign" project and am their chief recruiter or as close to one as they've got. That project has drips of activity here and there. My Damar concept has no interest... so I can certainly do a little freelancing without any profit motive. So your concept seems to be a Shadowrun-like game with non-human mutations running amok in a Distopian future. I like the art I've seen of it. You certainly have some good looking characters. And the lore is shaping up well.... what could I help with?
  6. Michael Woodard

    In response to "Free Alternatives to the D20 system."

    I don't see what's wrong with adapting when you're allowed to. Yes, creating new material is a grand idea. But if things are going to be derivative or be perceived as being derivative somehow. I think alot of Japanese RPGs borrow the same mechanics from each other.... But creating material whether it is new or an adaption takes hard work.
  7. http://www.gamedev.n...the-d20-system/ I elected on using the Dominion Rules as mentioned in my announcement post. Has any one made progress in the adaption of PNP rules system to a computer game? There's also an OSRIC rules-set I have heard of. http://www.gamedev.n...gaming-license/ Here's another related conversation. WIzard of the Coast does allow games to be made by major studios. The assumption is they are paid by the licensee. But there's a game out there called "D20 Pro" which doesn't seem to be licensee of Wizards and is still in business. ...? DON'T REPLY TO THE THREADS LISTED. NEW REPLIES BELONG IN THIS THREAD!
  8. Michael Woodard

    My project.

    Condidering Ethanon Engine. Might be a 2D project after all. As seen here.
  9. Michael Woodard

    Death Never Accepts

    Hello there. DNA... Death Never Accepts... I never put it together til now.
  10. Michael Woodard

    My project.

    Oh, you're so right! You're so right! I would SQUEE and SQUEE like a little pig if I got the rights to Warhammer! But is there away to write the rules from scratch??? I'm not sure. It's a degree of "easy"... if adapting the rules makes the game 20% easier to write then that's my rationale. It isn't trying to steal the thunder or borrow from the popularity of Dominion Rules.
  11. Michael Woodard

    My project.

    So the setting is Mars. But not in the current time period we all know of. We are on Mars during all but forgotten time period where there are feudal lords; great warlords with mystical powers beyond those any earthling would have but Earth is still in the Crustaceous period or something. It has been suggested my concept was an Action RTS or a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Mostly I am considering using Hero Engine free license because that's where my budget lies. If its good enough for an MMO development it should be for a lesser networkable game. Anyhow, there's no capture the flag. Instead you lay claims on resources such as wood and ore then you build from there to create your own weapons and armor. No alts in this game, every character is expected to craft as well as defend itself. There is going to be a magic system. But I'm heavily skewing towards a sandbox skill system rather than a set class/ leveling system. Going to be as close to instant gratification in this game as can be realistically provided. It might be free to play but not with bloated content expecting people to spend months on end or years leveling before they unlock the fun stuff. Some concepts I'll leave out of this original post. At some point I thought it would be easier to start a new game by adapting an older rules system. My decision at first was to use Open Game License content from Wizards of the Coast's D20 system. But it seemed too restrictive in the license. In passing, a mention towards Dominion Rules was made in one of the FAQs, so off I go to research. So here's the license I'm looking at.... Seems very fair and here's the content. I followed their rules by not copying the artwork from manual, but compiled all the words into google docs. Then I sat down to read. My brain spat out "You've never played a pen and paper game! You don't understand them!" So I'll reluctantly agree with my brain on this one. Oh poo. So I asked someone who claimed to adapt the rule system from the PC game Fallout to PNP which is the reverse. Turns out he's on the other side of the world and teaching at university. Too busy to help. What a dilemma.
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