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  1. Hello, I was working in another project in the last 30 days. [u][b]I will add today 4 chapters at the woma tutorial related with a basic particle system and effects:[/b][/u] [url="http://woma.no-ip.org/woma/WoMA_PartIII_Chap32.zip"]http://woma.no-ip.org/woma/WoMA_PartIII_Chap32.zip[/url] [url="http://woma.no-ip.org/woma/WoMA_PartIII_Chap33.zip"]http://woma.no-ip.org/woma/WoMA_PartIII_Chap33.zip[/url] [url="http://woma.no-ip.org/woma/WoMA_PartIII_Chap34.zip"]http://woma.no-ip.org/woma/WoMA_PartIII_Chap34.zip[/url] [url="http://woma.no-ip.org/woma/WoMA_PartIII_Chap35.zip"]http://woma.no-ip.org/woma/WoMA_PartIII_Chap35.zip[/url] [img]http://woma.no-ip.org/ch35.png[/img] Best Regards, Pedro Borges
  2. [quote name='mynameisnafe' timestamp='1347542608' post='4979701'] Epic! First I'm going to have a look at the brayzar tutes, then I will start a new project just for yours! Superb! [/quote] Hello, Thanks! Actually This engine has started with the base of two other engines [url="http://rastertek.com"]http://rastertek.com[/url] and [url="http://braynzarsoft.net"]http://braynzarsoft.net.[/url] I am a very big fan of those sites. Both engines have some problems with compatibilities to start the DX11 Engine, they also have a problem when they are doing the bind of vertices and shaders with a pre-compilation in run-time which is not 100% compatible with the HW. rastertek have also an annoying bug when start the Direct Input when you are not the focus window, and several bugs related with render to a private texture in memory. braynzarsoft have a very good obj load class I presented the second version and later on I will present the 3th version. I fixed all that issues and also implemented a new 3D obj converter to 3D objects my own format called "M3D" but not related with old m3d. This format is 20xfaster to read from file than obj format, I will show how that work later on but the code is already there. I also optimized the buffers and the shaders inside GPU. If you have any problem with my engine just let me know, link here to main page: [url="http://pmborg.wix.com/dx11woma"]http://pmborg.wix.com/dx11woma[/url] The last chapter is the 31 but not published yet, direct link here: [url="http://woma.no-ip.org/woma/WoMA_PartII_Chap31.zip"]woma.no-ip.org/woma/WoMA_PartII_Chap31.zip[/url] Thanks, Pedro Borges
  3. [u][b]This post ends for now the Part II of this Tutorial:[/b][/u] Actually this Chapter 27 ended up very cool try to move to different map zones and check the respective Map and Mini-Map updates. [u]Note:[/u] Dont forget to use the F12 for god mode... [url="http://pmborg.wix.com/dx11woma"][img]http://woma.no-ip.org/ch25_26_27.png[/img][/url]
  4. Did you solved this problem? I found the solution... This is related with the OS language in 64 bits Sample code: PDH_STATUS status; CONST PWSTR COUNTER_PATH = L"\\Processor(_Total)\\% processor time"; //C:\Windows\system32>typeperf -q Processor CONST PWSTR COUNTER_PATH_PT = L"\\processador(_Total)\\% de tempo do processador"; //C:\Windows\system32>typeperf -q processador // Initialize the flag indicating whether this object can read the system cpu usage or not. m_canReadCpu = true; // Create a query object to poll cpu usage. status = PdhOpenQuery(NULL, 0, &m_queryHandle); if(status != ERROR_SUCCESS) m_canReadCpu = false; // Set query object to poll all cpus in the system. status = PdhAddCounter(m_queryHandle, COUNTER_PATH, 0, &m_counterHandle); // Win7 ENG if(status != ERROR_SUCCESS) status = PdhAddCounter(m_queryHandle, COUNTER_PATH_PT, 0, &m_counterHandle);// Win7 PT (64 bits only!) // TODO... do the same for other languages... if(status != ERROR_SUCCESS) m_canReadCpu = false;
  5. Hello all again, I am replacing the photos on the DX 11 Live Tutorial once I changed some of textures, still tunning the engine in every chapter and I am Finalizing this "[b]Part II - The Terrain[/b]", of the tutorial. Tired of this terrain part? Its the base of any engine its very important to have a prety and fast terrain render. Feel free to send ideias / improvements. I am coding the tutorial 26 and tutorial 27, I will let the last tutorials 28 and 29 for later on. [url="http://pmborg.wix.com/dx11woma"][img]http://woma.no-ip.org/chap19-22.png[/img][/url]
  6. Added Chapters 19, 20, 21 and 22 (All terrain textures now with triple texture mapping and bump mapping) Also terrain below water and added fixed water transparent for now... Last Updates: [url="http://pmborg.wix.com/dx11woma"]http://pmborg.wix.com/dx11woma[/url] [img]http://woma.no-ip.org/chap22.png[/img] [img]http://woma.no-ip.org/chap22V2.png[/img]
  7. Added Chapters 16, 17 and 18 (Some Terrain quality start to appear...) [url="http://woma.no-ip.org/chap18max.png"][img]http://woma.no-ip.org/chap18.png[/img][/url] [u][b]NOTE:[/b][/u] Click on image to see a rendered image at Full Screen. Last Updates: [url="http://pmborg.wix.com/dx11woma"]http://pmborg.wix.com/dx11woma[/url] Feel free to send any questions about any Chapter. Thx.
  8. Chaps 13, 14 and 15 added [img]http://woma.no-ip.org/chap15.png[/img]
  9. [quote name='snowman321' timestamp='1345646784' post='4972211'] Wow, this is an awesome tutorial. Thanks a million. [/quote] Thanks for your kind words! [u][b]Chap 11 & 12 already online also:[/b][/u] [img]http://woma.no-ip.org/Chap12.png[/img]
  10. Added Chap 9 and 10, Part I is over, re-factoring now Part II of this Dx 11 Advanced Tutorial. Feel free to send to me any feedback. Too easy until now ? or just waiting for hardcode stuff ? Like animated Character, animated water, animated Waterfall, wind animated Billboards, firing with crossbows gund, picking loot to the bag, etc... [b]When can I actually play with this Game Engine? [/b]Only at Chap 90, You can play online with other Players. Start to learn the basic Stuff for those that are new, because it will become more complex soon... [img]http://woma.no-ip.org/Chap10.png[/img]
  11. [url="http://pmborg.wix.com/dx11woma"][img]http://woma.no-ip.org/chap8.jpg[/img][/url] [url="http://pmborg.wix.com/dx11woma"]http://pmborg.wix.com/dx11woma[/url] [u]More Chaps added:[/u] [b]?Chap 7: 2D IMAGES (Sprites)[/b] [b] Sky and Fixed Camera[/b] [b]? Chap 8: Text Fonts[/b]
  12. From Chap 0 until chap 6 tutorials with code deployed and online already. [url="http://pmborg.wix.com/dx11woma"]http://pmborg.wix.com/dx11woma[/url] What was covered until now? Chap 0: Setup a new project ? Chap 1: Setting up the 1st main Window ? Chap 2: Initializing DX11 ? Chap 3: Application Frame Processing ? Chap 4: Load a 3D object ? Chap 5: XML CFG File Loader / Simple Terrain Ground ? Chap 6: Keyboard and Mouse input / Camera Movement / Infinite Terrain Ground [img]http://woma.no-ip.org/chap6.jpg[/img]
  13. Hello all, I am new on this site, actually this is my first post, but I am veteran anonymous reader. I like very much of the two existent Direct X 11 Tutorials (like rastertek.com and braynzarsoft.net ), but they are just separated tutorials and not a full big demo, constructed peace by peace and that I is my goal, put all things together and working in a high speed frame rate in a single Application. My goal is to trying to divide my current demo that already exist, and you can all download and install it ([url="http://woma.no-ip.org/"]http://woma.no-ip.org/[/url]), at least the version released, not the last one. The tutorials I am trying to have strength and patience enough to write all of them, yes you read well [b]101 Tutorials! [/b] Check my current version, with only a few chapters for now but more will come every day: [url="http://pmborg.wix.com/dx11woma"]http://pmborg.wix.com/dx11woma[/url] I will try to put 1 or so in average per day. [b][u]I will be glad to have your feedback[/u][/b], mostly at the beginning because now the chapters are very small and easy to understand, I think. But... They will become more complex soon, I promise!