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  1. Unity my first rpg

    I'm also interested in making a 2D RPG, but I'm having some trouble following tutorials on C#. Once I started making classes and methods I just got totally lost. I have basically no previous programming exp besides a little Visual Basic. If I told you that the only reason I want to learn how to code is because I want to do a solo project, would I be better off using something like RPG Maker? I'm more of a writer/idea man... write the story, come up with the gameplay features and level designs-- that sort of stuff. The coding is interesting, but it's quite daunting to me. I'm also wondering if a game made in RPG Maker can be converted to something like XNA? My current goal is to finish a 2D RPG and make it commercial, going to PC and Xbox Live Indie Games. Rather than post a new thread, I saw this and thought I'd share my concerns. Thanks for any help. -sea
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