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  1. C++ Library to handle music

    Released new version of Modus (v0.53):    From now on you can also check out the latest unstable version on GitHub:   The next release (v0.54), on which I'm currently working, will come with Android Ndk support in addition to iOS, Windows, MacOSX and Linux.   Enjoy!
  2. C++ Library to handle music

    Released Modus v0.52, now with support for iOS (iPhone/iPad):
  3. C++ Library to handle music

    Thanks for your comments. I intend to develop some tools with a more friendly interface for editing scores and managing sample-packs in future releases, as you suggest. At the moment I would say that the best way to handle scores is working with a MIDI editor and then use the midi2mscore tool.
  4. C++ Library to handle music

    Released a new version of the Modus C++ Music Library (v0.51), including examples for Windows, MacOSX and Linux: Regards!
  5. C++ Library to handle music

    Hi again, I have decided to change the license from LGPL to MIT for the Modus Library. That can be good to know in case you are interested in using it, since MIT is more permissive than LGPL. Regards
  6. Hi, I have just released the first stable version of the Modus C++ Music Library (v0.50), which is intended to handle music from code. If you want to build a musical application or integrate anything related to the music into your video games or multimedia software, you might want to take a look: [url=""]http://sourceforge.n...rojects/modusml[/url] Since it has been released under the terms and conditions of the MIT license, you can freely use it both for your commercial and non-commercial applications. Of course I would appreciate any comments or suggestions!