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  1. does anybody know there are apis about reading the rendering picture from a game application like War3 in windows?I want to make an application which is just like a video recording software record the game screen to a file.are there any apis?
  2. Bullet operate with GPU

    I find that when I open my Nvidia GeForce 550 the application 's frame rate is the same rate as I assign ,If I close gpu-acceleration , the frame rate is about 300.Could anyone tell me why is this happen?and how to adapt to different kinds of graphic card?
  3. How to change RigidBody rotation in Bullet Physics?

    Could anyone give us some part of code?
  4. I am studying bullet.I've written a program based on OpenGL which can move the character with the mouse click on the screen like Warcraft.I want to know that i got the angle that the character needs to rotate, how can i apply the rotation in the bullet world? The demo is btMatrix3x3 orn = m_ghostObject->getWorldTransform().getBasis(); orn *= btMatrix3x3(btQuaternion(btVector3(0,1,0),-0.01)); m_ghostObject->getWorldTransform ().setBasis(orn); and how to calculate the quaternion? who can help me!!
  5. OgreBullet CharacterController

    I want to develop a third person game using ogre and ogrebullet.but I don't know how to use btKincetCharacterController and what is the relationship between CharacterController and ghostObject?Could any body give me a sample?and does ghostObject means that If I want to move the object in ogre I need to get the position of ghostObject and set the node of object in ogre of the position?[img][/img]
  6. OpenGL C++/OpenGL Chess Game Project

    Maybe you should read the book (Beginning.OpenGL.Game.Programming)written by Dave.Astle.The last chapter is a chess game sample....[img][/img]