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  1. XNA icon cooldown clock effect

    I have an alpha channel texture, but if its really required, how do I make a custom shader for it?
  2. XNA icon cooldown clock effect

    But none of the overloads can take an AlphaTestEffect or any Effect it seems... the closest ones seem to be the ones with the SpriteEffects enum
  3. XNA icon cooldown clock effect

    Yes, but how do I use the AlphaTestEffect to actually draw something with the SpriteBatch? Sorry for my noobiness
  4. XNA icon cooldown clock effect

    That's not the alpha mask technique though, I want to do what phil said and use an alpha channel texture... but I don't how to use AlphaTestEffect properly with the spritebatch in XNA
  5. XNA icon cooldown clock effect

    How would I do this?
  6. XNA icon cooldown clock effect

    I read a way to do it was the alpha mask thing, it seemed like the most efficient way to do it but I couldn't find a way to implement it in XNA.
  7. In blizzard games, when a spell or item is on cooldown there is a clock effect over the icon. What would be the best way to do this in XNA? I tried using solutions from other posts but they didn't touch directly on XNA, and I couldn't figure out how to implement the solutions.