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  1. Obviously budget will play a part in this but in 2013 I am completing my move to the US and as far as choosing a city to set up a game dev office I have next to no idea where to start. I would really appreciate some advice from the American members out there. Here are the questions I have - Which state/city has the most game dev workers (if this makes sense)? Would I be able to get a 6 man office in somewhere like Dallas/NY/Seattle with a budget of $3-4,000 a month if not how much am I looking to spend? Any suggestions for office location? Any other tips that you think might help me out both in personal and business life in the US? Thanks so much and I hope this isnt too much to ask. Nath
  2. Nathf

    Starting a small indie studio

    Thank you both for the swift replys! They are the kind of responses I was expecting but have given me a few things to think about and go over and the salary survey is exactly the kind of thing I was after. In regards to lawyers I have both a "standard" one and one with game industry experience.
  3. Nathf

    Alternative minecraft

    In my honest opinion it wouldn't be a great idea to try and remake Minecraft in anyway even if you did make it better by your standards its a niche that's already been filled and I can't see many people that would be willing to migrate over from it. Other than that i'm pretty sure that there is a whole source available for a minecraft style game in the unity asset store. If you decide to take on the project that might be a good place to start. Edit -Just seen that you decided to take this on after being directed to the later pages. I will defiantly download and give it a try later on!
  4. Hi guys and gals, I hope this is the right section for this if not I apologise. I am a digital artist looking to set up my own indie studio. I have a small 5 man office and around $150k to invest into it. I would primarily like to develop iPhone games while possibly working on a bigger project on the side. I have a rough business plan with some details covered but I wanted to come on here and ask for a bit of advice. Okay so here are my major couple of questions 1 - Who should I primarily look to employ and how much will they be expecting to be paid? 2 - Who should I have in house and who should I employ for online freelance? Any other information that you think would be helpful to me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time Nath
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