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  1. Unity Unity or C++?

    Personally, at work I use Unity and it works wonderful, everything you need just a few clicks away and some scripting(not even much). However, on my personal project I use C++ with SFML because it brings up a lot of the under the hood stuff ( I'm also thinking of trying to go OpenGL, but only after I finish this project. If you'd like you could also give MonoGame a try, I made a snake clone with it and , sincerely, it's really awesome !
  2. Help! I'm trying to make a game.

    [quote name='Kripis' timestamp='1345393212' post='4971133'] [quote name='MrJoshL' timestamp='1345388451' post='4971113'] You probably won't understand most, if not all, of the things you need to know to program a computer game. I would say you need to wait at least a couple of years, as you definitely NEED Algebra I and II and Linear, but Calculus does come in handy (not COMPLETELY necessary, but almost). And that is only for the graphics part (which is surprisingly only a small part of programming a game, about 10%). You definitely aren't the first kid out of your age group running over here for advice to implement their "great new idea." [/quote]I'm sorry I'm trying to establish my future now, based on what I love NOW and another thing, I'm not running around asking how I should be making my great game I'm simply asking what tools I should use for the near future. Dick. EDIT: Oh and btw I know Algebra, I don't know how much but a fair bit [/quote] 1. Real math is nowhere near 13 years old ( you will get to learn it as you study so don't worry ) you can also look on they have great tutorials on mathematics . 2. I started out with "Beginning C++ Through Game Programming" by Michael Dawson which covers the basics really good and also adds a little taste of game programming . 3. C++ vs C# : I use C# for desktop applications since they need to be done fast and they usually don't require so much optimization and I keep C++ for games ( though I'm a beginner in game development ) since I can take my time at games (because it's just a hobby at the moment ) and also they need to run smoothly .
  3. Well , VS is a great IDE , with Intellisense and good debug tools . Also , let me give you some book titles that you might want to consider : [url=""]Beginning C++ Through Game Programming[/url] by Michael Dawson ( this was my first C++ book and it's a great one ) [url=""]C++ Without Fear[/url] by Brian Overland I have read both of them and if you want to try them out I would suggest Michael Dawson's book first because it covers the basics of the language without going in excruciating details and then Brian Overland's book because it going into more depth allowing you to consolidate your knowledge .
  4. How to open a txt using notepad in directx?

    [quote name='monkeyboi' timestamp='1344947976' post='4969429'] Currently I am using system("notepad Config.cfg") which can open a command window and the Config.cfg, but the programm will stop at that line [/quote] As a side note , system() runs a process and waits for it to finish and only after that it will allow the application to continue its course.
  5. Creating a level editor with C#
  6. How To Begin

    Thank you very much for all your help . After reading every post and thinking about it for a while I decided to learn C# because I need to make a level editor for my tower defense game and it's a good opportunity to start using C# , of course there is Qt too , but I already have some basic knowledge of that one
  7. I need a jumpstart

    Well, I'm no expert but I'll try to help . As far as I know , math and physics will help you a great deal . Also , you can use engines like Ogre3D in the beginning so you won't have to do everything in OpenGL by yourself . And if you like C++ take a look at SFML (2D Library) , or with C# at XNA ( though I heard it won't be supported by Windows 8 "Shop") . So I think you can start with making basic games and steadily move into bigger and more complex games while you read some math books or things like that which should help later If I made any mistakes please correct me
  8. How To Begin

    I mean if I want to get hired at a game developing company , knowing c# will provide me with any advantages?
  9. How To Begin

    PS: is knowing C# an important thing for getting a programmer job ?
  10. How To Begin

    Well , I know C++ at the level at which I can create a simple 2d game with SFML , I know classes , pointers (though I do not entirely master them ) and all the basic stuff , though I didn't get the change to work with templates so far , neither did I had to create my own namespaces . So I can go on with C++ , but I think I will give C# a try because I read on a topic on this site that I should know at least a managed language such as Java or C#, but is that true for my beginner level ?
  11. How To Begin

    Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it
  12. How To Begin

    I got one simple question . I've noticed that all major game companies use C/C++ , and since I want , someday, to get into the business (yes, I know it's no easy task) I was wondering whether I should use C/C++ for games directly or use C# until I learn the basics of game logic and all the language-independent stuff ? Note : I already have some knowledge of C++ . Note 2 : This isn't a C++ vs C# topic so no flame wars Thank you in advance !