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  1. Being Immortal, Can it be Fun?

    Speaking of Immortals, how come no Highlander game since the 1980s (crap Atari version)? I would have thought that could be fun, building your fighting strategy around finally getting to land the head shot etc. Or have I missed a Highlander game that's come out since......?
  2. Depends. If its not set on Earth (or if its set in some fantasy past or future) you wouldn't necessarily have to wrestle with existing cultures, you could just imagine how a new one might have evolved, based on your precept of undead on the rampage. Think of some of the classic anime films (Fist of the NorthStar) - they don't try to tie their culture to existing modern day ones.....
  3. Had you considered an overall cultural settting for the back-drop to the story? The obvious selection is the standard one (European / American) but you could give it an interesting and distinctive slant by using something starkly different from the norm (Chinese; Native American; Sub-Arctic). Just a thought.
  4. Developer blog

    I'd always want to read about the personal human aspects of a developer's story.
  5. World building help Substitute for Zombies

    Interesting that you've displayed some D20 artwork here, because actually the monster you're starting to come closer to is similar to a D20 Ghast or Ghoul. Think of them as a midpoint between zombie and vampire - they are undead and do seek to eat the flesh of the living but they are not so utterly brainless as a zombie. Nor are they properly human-level intelligent though - they are described as having base, animalistic cunning, capable of primitive ambushes. This could be a nice direction for you to go - credit them with sheet wicked cunning, things like simulating baby cries to lure the living into basic traps like natural pits and drops....
  6. Why is dystopian so popular?

    Bronson is well worth a look!
  7. Why is dystopian so popular?

    Hardy is absolutely superb, just seen him as Bane in 'Dark Knight Rises.' If you want an off-the-wall Brit performance from him, check out, 'Bronson' - the biopic of a notorious British criminal called Charlie Bronson......
  8. Ambiguity: a good or bad thing?

    Went to a presentation at BAFTA a couple of months ago, by the developers of Witcher 2. They said that one of their core concerns in developing the game was the impact that the player's decisions could have on the game universe (in other words exactly the sort of ambiguity you were talking about).
  9. Why is dystopian so popular?

    @Heath, its funny that you refer to it as Road Warrior - I think it was only in the States that it was called that. To us Brits, it was always, 'Mad Max'! BTW, did you know they're making a new one? [url=""][/url]
  10. "Mass pessimism" as a cause for apocalypse!

    Fascinating idea. For my ten pence worth, it would only work as a kind of 'deep noir' genre piece, something like Heavy Rain. You would need a dark, investigative setting with a lot of interaction. Could make for a brilliant twist, though, as the player eventually worked out that there was 'no conspiracy to fear but fear of conspiracy itself'.....
  11. As a total curveball (and this is dependent on the tech level of your world, thought you could always explain it as a secret prototype military weapon) how about something pheremone-based? It is usually indicated that zombies are attracted to potential prey primarily via their hearing, but why not secondarily by a sense of smell? It would be a better way of telling live humans from fellow undead than sight, and hunting via scent is a common methodology for many predators so why not undead? If you accept this premise, then the pheremone-rifle could work in a number of ways. Lets say if deploys via firing a silenced dart (so shortish range) which is loaded with powerful pheremonal chemicals. You hit your zombie target and the dart releases its payload. You could have it that the zombie becomes confused, disoriented, unable to focus clearly on the smell of his human prey anymore. A more interesting possibility would be that the payload makes him smell like a living human being, such that his fellow zombies go for [i]him[/i], rather than for the player. Hell, as stupid as zombies are, he might even start eating himself! Like I say, curveball, but thought it might be of interest.
  12. Why is dystopian so popular?

    @Jefferytitan, yes, what you say about the visual aspect is spot on. Earliest example I remember is in the original Time Machine (1960) wherein our hero travels backwards and forwards in time but on the exact same spot (not a limitation Doctor Who has to contend with). So you had that immediate impact of, 'What the Hell happened to the world?!?!?' Then you had later filmic examples like the iconic shot of Charlton Heston coming across the half-buried Statue of Liberty in, 'Planet of the Apes', or the 'submerged New York' section of, 'Waterworld.' I suppose on a basic level, scary is more scary in the [i]warped-familiar[/i] than in the abstract.
  13. Why is dystopian so popular?

    I think its the same thing that attracts people to Wild West settings or alien planets - you have a lawless wasteland, where danger can come at you quickly and you don't have the protections of normal society to take off the rough edges. You are [i]exposed[/i]. Walking Dead does it brilliantly. I also think it appeals to some basic element of negativity about ourselves in the human psyche.
  14. Who is my enemy? Brainstorming

    Hmmmm, a solution (which I don't believe anyone has suggested yet) is to have your enemy species be aquatic. If you then imagine the nature of your apocalypse to be global flooding / submersion (melted polar ice-caps etc) then your aquatic adversaries become very deadly indeed. Your players (the surviving humans) survive on boats, floating structures and (formerly) very high ground (we're talking a WaterWorld base here). They are constantly raided by the predatory aquatic species, but they can't survive for long out of water (hence humans have at least a chance of surviving). Perhaps the aquatic species are an alien invade (perhaps they even caused the global flooding as a terraforming measure, to make the Earth more hospitable for themselves). As to thrown weapons, an aquatic species could easily lend itself to spines, which could be directed at human opponents, but could be too jagged and/or poisonous for humans to pick up and use themselves. Hope that helps!
  15. Hard Time Coming Up With a Name

    Personally I'm a fan of simplicity, so I'd probably go for something blunt and snappy, like, 'Coup'.