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  1. Web Game

    I see that Haxe isn't the best for me, I prefer use Javascript. I'm seeing the list, very good thanks, I'll try to look a little bit of each library, including gamvas! Well, and about the battle's style of Minitroopers, does somebody know any tip to make it? I already have some ideias to implement, but I don't know if there is a better way to follow.
  2. Web Game

    Hello, I'm trying to develop a web game, for now I'm studying a javascript's framework, LimeJs, to build a kind of engine for my game. Well, the first thing that I want do develop for the game is the battle. I want a kind of battle like Minetrooper's battle(a browser game, please see the battle to understand what I'm trying to make ). They made that game using Haxe, anyone knows if is it a good language to use? Please give me some tips about tools, language, framework that can help me. thanks