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    Today's xkcd: Click and Drag

    Found a miner being chased by a creeper... somewhere. So many cool things in this map
  2. FoxBox

    Is using a debugger lazy?

    Sounds like VS debugging is too much of a newfangled tool for him and back in his day they had to code for 15hrs to do a helloworld program. And in machine code too! The debugger is a tool to make it easier to find problems in code, but, hey.. we are human and we love making tools to be "lazy". A calculator is for lazy people who don't want to do math, cars are for lazy people how don't want to walk, writing things down is for lazy people who don't want to commit things to memory. But new tools helps improve the quantity and/or quality of our work. But to his defense with new tools we do become lazy in the since we now tend to cut corners since the speed of produce has increased. Why plan ahead when you can use start something and debug until I get it right? If you only Dev-C++ you find planning ahead and remembering how to use functions correctly else you'll be spending all day fixing bugs.
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