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  1. Need some motivation

    Wow guys, thank you all for your great advices. I've already bookmarked the podcasts, books and whatever you guys have suggested.   I immediately watched Indie Game: The Movie, and I can say that; there is my god damn motivation. Thank you all.
  2. Need some motivation

    Hello everyone,   I'm planning to pursue game development/design as a career goal, being a senior student in computer engineering. However, I have a problem.   There are periods of time when I'm so motivated in learning new stuff, practicing them, trying to make use of them, reading more and more, coming up with ideas and even enhancing them. These are the times when I feel like I really want to be inside the game industry. I want to be a part of a game that influences people, makes them extend their imaginary world and so on.   But there are also times when I just don't wanna do anything, not even play any games or study. Not because I'm relaxed and think that I'll sort it out later some time, I just simply don't want to do anything. I keep on procrastinating and doing nothing until I run into something (an inspirational talk, movie, story, game) motivational. I feel like this takes a lot from my precious time thinking the fact that in a year or so I will be graduating.   I really want to know how I can constantly keep myself motivated. How do I do it? How do you guys do it?   Thank you all in advance.
  3. Frame rate handling

    Hello everyone,   I'm trying to write a simple game engine using SDL, but I have problems understanding the basics of the FPS concept. I've already read some tutorials on this but I still seem to be lost. Can anyone explain really simply to me how frame rate handling works?   Thank you all in advance.
  4. First Time Game Developer

    Being a newbie game developer myself, I can suggest you learn Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL for short) to get a grasp of whats going on in a game. www.sdltutorials.com seems to explain the concepts clear enough but his coding style just doesn't fit me. On XNA, I can just say: Don't even waste your time. It isn't even supported in Visual Studio 2012 and it is announced that all support from DirectX and XNA Gaming Studio will be cut by 2014.
  5. I need a jumpstart

    Thank you a lot for all your replies. These helped me a lot to have an idea on what to do. I think I'm gonna start with Unity and follow some tutorials on it.
  6. I need a jumpstart

    Hello guys, I'm in need of guidance and a jumpstart. I'm a computer engineering junior and I'm one of the top students in my class. But we all know that things we learn in college is too basic and nearly never help us with the practice. I have a decent amount of knowledge in how programming languages work and am familiar with a variety of programming and scripting languages. (basically anything you would expect from a junior in college to know and a bit more) I have a few simple questions. 1) How can I get started? Besides learning the programming and scripting languages required, should I go on with Unity3D or cocos2d or programs like that? 2) Is learning OpenGL or DirectX necessary? If so, doesn't graphics programming require a bit of artistic ability? I'm a bit confused here. Thank you all in advance.