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  1. Hi everybody ! I'm Cuong, a student ( game graphic designer ). I can make animation , and render cartoon, video clips ; but our project in class required me some extra skills. We're going to make a 3d game in 1.5 month. The thing i want to know is what settings required in 3ds max before export animation file ( FBX ) for game engine ( XNA ) to run. My friend use biped to make a skeleton and the engine open it right. But i think some objects ( like creature have many legs , many wings ) that we must create custom bone ( from geometry ). Then i create a custom bone ( from geometry ) -> make it bone ( select bones -> bone edit mode -> bone on ) ---> add hierarchy ( by linking ) -> add skin modifier -> refine envelope -> make a simple animation --> then select bones and mesh --> export selected --> FBX . The skeleton is very simple : [img][/img] The XNA engine throw out a problem message : "can't find skeleton" Here is the FBX and MAX file : My other question is : how to name a sequense in 3ds max ? I play with warcraft 3's models and i see they have all the animation sequence ( like death, run , fight , spell...etc ) in one file. Each sequence have a range and a name. How can i do that in max then export a FBX file contain that informations ? And my final question is : when i play with the animation / bone in 3ds max , i want to make a custom bone that work like a biped. In this picture : a simple skeleton that have a root, 2 arm , 1 torso, 1 head. ( all bone created from geometry and turn "bone : on" in bone edit mode ). I only give them hierarchy affect to move. [img][/img] When i move the arm to right : the bone is move along like this [img][/img] The result i want is like the biped : when i move the arm to left, the arm will "rotate" it and its child to upper left , not move the father bone. Please forgive my bad English (^v^)o , i sincerely thanks for your helps. Plz, i google my ass off a day but i don't find any tutorial about animation-game engine field.