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  1. Hello all I've just released a new puzzle game for android and I'd like to show it off a bit. [img][/img] The idea of the game is to sort boxes that enter through the pipe on the left so that they leave through the correct pipe on the right. It all starts pretty simple with just basic arrows to use to redirect boxes, but very soon you'll be using alternating two way arrows, completing multiple rooms consecutively and even mixing/splitting colours to achieve your goal. The was no funding during the development of this game, so the graphics are pretty simple. Decide for yourself if I did it any justice. The full version currently has 60 levels to play through and there is a 30% off sale until 22nd August. [url=""][/url] The free version is ad supported and includes the first 20 levels to try: [url=""][/url] feel free to leave feedback, and have fun [img][/img] PS here's a screenshot: [url=""][/url]