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  1. [quote name='Tom Sloper' timestamp='1345210468' post='4970540'] There is no catch to doing research and educating yourself on what catches there are in jumping into business. You should have started researching the business aspect before starting your game (rather than waiting until it's almost finished). [/quote] I was expecting that kind of answer. Of course not, i can do a research on that topic, but i wanted to ask here because i know you are experienced in that field of work. Isn't it better to read something that a person who went through same thing wrote rather than reading a bunch of "how to's" and "why do's" articles? I wanted to hear from a developer point of view, is game publisher necessary or not. And as topic title says, i need advice not lecture. Thank you.
  2. Thank you for replying. I've read the articles you gave me and they really are helpful. We are more developers then PR's and advertisers so there is a good chance that we'll go with publishers. Before i sail into those waters i wanted to ask you Is there any catch i should be aware of?
  3. Hello Me and my friends developed a browser game which we plan to launch in couple of weeks. We have the main site, forums and wiki page and im afraid we won't have time to keep all that updated. The game probably needs to be fixed and improved on some areas, which will greatly take our time. Our primary language is not english, and since the game is written in english it would be highly unprofessional to respond to someone with bad grammar. So i wanted to ask you about game publishers. Is that their job? To respond to general public, advertise the game and so on. And one more thing, do i need a publisher? Thank you in advance.
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