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  1. HELP! C++ Game Programming

    Hi, I would like to know a good library to use with C++ like SDL, etc. ??   If you have a response can you also include some tutorials, Please and thank you.    
  2. Ages of Darkness

    Thanks, the answer I was looking for!!
  3. Ages of Darkness

    Hello there, I would like everyone's opinion to this answer so feel free to say whatever. I am building a game which is gonna be called Ages of Darkness and probably have 2.5d graphics like Pokemon(correct me if I'm wrong).It will be very open roam and have a lot of maps since It takes place in 3 stages of time. I would like to know what language is best for this, really would like if C++ would be efficient for this. Also I would like to know how I would be able to handle the graphics(eg. SDL) and a efficient way to handle the game itself.   
  4. Help! I'm trying to make a game.

    Is it true that you need to know REAL MATH cause I always wanted to build a game, but now I know I have to wait.
  5. New User!

    Thanks for all the answers and I am willing to work hard, trough all the trial and error.
  6. New User!

    Would a text based game be fun and simple or would it be useless to make one?
  7. New User!

    Maybe the approach to this question was wrong, let me revise that for youguys.In making your first game would you go straight for it or make sure you know everything and more or does that all depend on you, and what would be the first steps in game developming basics and beginnings.
  8. New User!

    For now I will play around with SDL and Visual studio C++ and if there is another programing language that is goog for game development I am willing to learn.
  9. New User!

    But where should I start if lets say I had the basics of C++ down and i didnt know anything about game development.
  10. New User!

    Okay I know mmo's are advanced!I have been looking at c++ for a while now and found these really good Java tutorials, But idk maybe its just me but to me I really love C++.No I have'nt really made a game unless playing around with opensource game engines counts.
  11. New User!

    Thanks for the advice,But at my age i have a long road ahead.The time and effort to make a game i got that to(maybe not the money).I just wanna have a feeling of what a real game developer does.The trial,error and reward, and yes im at the bare minium of being at the early stages of game developing.Still even if its making a very simple game what should be the first thing i should do as an indie developer to feel and know what it takes to be one!
  12. New User!

    Hi, im new and just one question what is the first thing i should do.Like should i make an mmo,rpg etc.