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  1. The third and final alpha build is now out for download, subsequent releases will be beta builds and eventually the final release, however the first beta build won't be released for some time so do expect a somewhat lengthy hiatus. The current version is, as always, downloadable at our website (see the link in the original post). It features a new unit, the security nodes which are "turret" units that fire packets of corrupt code (orange projectiles) at the player which will weaken the integrity of the player's code (this is displayed by the blue arcs around the hacker node). The security nodes also can be destroyed by this corrupt code if hit by the code anywhere other than their barrel or shield.   All of the known errors and bugs from the last build have been resolved except for one, occasionally the defender nodes get stuck outside of the level, the reason for this bug hasn't been found yet. If it happens, then just restart the level (or just effortlessly fly through it). So... yeah, that's all for now. Check it out and stay tuned for more!   PS: Future updates about the game's development will be posted here and on our site.
  2. Now that I realize it, there's actually quite a few functions we forgot to add to the level one tutorial  , pause is the escape key (where you can also restart the level, quit to the menu, etc.) You can zoom in and out using the scroll wheel. To stop moving altogether you can press and hold down the mouse (until we fix the moving problem). Holding left ctrl will zoom out even further, however texture quality will be lost (until we fix that as well). During the second level you can skip the most of the initial dialog sequence by pressing "t". One thing we did add to the tutorial was skipping lines of dialog by pressing "space", just incase someone doesn't notice. Some of these are "testing tools" which we created to test the levels faster, and won't make it into later, more refined builds. Thanks for the feedback! All of the other problems you listed will be addressed in the next build.
  3.   Overview Hack It is an RTS-style hacking themed game that involves the player, an intern working for a massive cyber-security company, testing their latest sotfware. The gameplay features a maze-like environment where the player must navigate objects called hacker nodes to their target, whatever they are trying to hack into, with a bunch of stuff in-between. Defender nodes defend the target system and will do anything in their power to stop you, if they find your hacking source then you're busted. Security nodes can be used by either side, hacker or defender, and they act as stationary sentries, they will eliminate any nearby enemy units. There's plenty of techno club music and helpful and occasionally humorous dialog to go around to keep you even further immersed into the cyber world. You'll be put up against some of the most sophisticated cyber-defense systems in the world, question is, can you Hack It? Updates November 21, 2012 - Alpha Build 0.0.7 was released today, more about this can be read below. March 2, 2013 - Alpha Build was released today, more about this can be read below. April 21, 2013 - Alpha Build 0.0.8 was released today, more about this can be read below. The Alpha We are releasing alpha builds for testing so we can get some feedback and fix any bugs that just happened to crawl past us. The first build acts as a tease for the rest of them, the subsequent ones feature more levels and the overall game will improve during the alpha release cycle. The second build features the second level and defender nodes. The third and most likely final alpha build features the third level and the security nodes. They are all free to play and are downloadable on our website at http://darkstarinteractive.net/ (it's a long domain, we know). The website isn't finished so right now the only place to post feedback is here, as the website sections get finished such as the community section, we will start taking feedback there. All feedback is acceptable. Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux are all supported as of the release of the third alpha build. The alpha is downloadable here: http://darkstarinteractive.net/hackit.html The Team We are just a small team of independent developers working on this game. You might only know us as Dark Star, we have actual names but here we will just use our aliases, let me introduce you to the team. Skaven - Programmer, Artist, Web Designer Elesser - Writer, Social (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Dazkix - Composer, Sound Effects That's right three people... very short credits.   Screenshots Treat your eyes to something.   [attachment=14152:Screenshot0.png]   [attachment=14153:Screenshot2.png]   [attachment=14154:Screenshot5.png]   [attachment=14155:Screenshot11.png]   [attachment=14156:Screenshot12.png]   [attachment=15165:Screen 5.png]   [attachment=15164:Screen 6.png]   [attachment=15163:Screen 7.png]   Feedback All feedback is accepted about the project, however please don't make negative comments (such as, "This game idea is really dumb.") without providing a reason why you feel that way. Likewise, if you like the idea please note what things you like and what areas of the game need improvement. We're just trying to create the best game that we can in our current capacity (remember, the playable alpha is not an accurate representation of the final product).
  4. Hackmaze sounds good... We are aiming at indie game websites for now but we also think that this could be a good mobile game and with the support from the engine we're using it's very feasible.
  5. We aren't sure this is a good time to be looking for a final name because we have no art style yet, no final storyline, or general tone and mood. However we sorta have the other stuff down like gameplay. We were just looking for a good enough working title in order to promote the game.
  6. [quote name='VReality' timestamp='1345270475' post='4970757'] Fire Wire Ride the Wire Electric ICE ICE Pick System Subversion Cyber-subversion Hired Hack Part-time Hack Hack for Cash Hack Saw Sam Hack Subnet Mask Subnet Take-down Net Control Net Shadows Cypher Fatigue Super User Root Access Inside Job Cubicle Commando Protocol Hero Router Raid(er) [/quote] Hm... that sparked a lot of ideas. [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img] EDIT: After some discussion with the team, we came up with something, I know it seems like we didn't use these ideas much, but we did and we agreed on "Hack It!" Sounds about right, or should we go with something else?
  7. I see that we got downvoted, what part of the rules did we not follow? Sorry we're new here and I thought we followed most of the posting rules.
  8. Maybe you could create your own easy-to-understand-for-normal-people language. Just an idea, it might take some work converting strings into normal code or however you would do that. But it might be more user friendly that way. Logic blocks is a good idea too.
  9. For whatever reason, no one on the team is good with names. I need a few ideas for a name or names for a game the team is working on. The game in context is a hacking themed rts. The basic storyline is that you are an intern at software security company, much similar to Symantec. You test their latest software by trying hacking into a simulated system protected by the software. The gameplay is based on a maze like system, where you get nodes from one location to another with impediments such as firewalls and encryptions. The concept might sound a little weird, but anyhow all we need are names (feedback would be nice too). Thanks for reading!