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  1. Need a extra help with your coding?

    Hello Tordin! Your idea is really nice and I could really need someone for some hints and tips in coding a 3d game / engine, as I am working on a game right now. At the moment I am living in Austria, so the timezone is the same (GMT +1), you don't need to motivate me and also there is basic knowledge in coding (2d games like Tetris, Snake.. useful applications etc.). There are many things to do, a well proved collision detection, physics (in some kind), sockets and the shader.. also I need to care about the rendering and the performance. It would be really cool if you would offer some time for me, talking about some topics to give me some ideas and "kicks" to start with. I am using Skype and if you don't mind I would like to add you ;-) Don't worry, I also use the internet as a reference :-) Frank
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