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  1. Sorry for the late replies, Ive been busy with other things. [quote name='jefferytitan' timestamp='1346101720' post='4973909'] sounds like a Darwinian fail just for starters. [/quote] Darwin only studied species on our planet, a different planet would have completely different types of species. [quote name='a Smith' timestamp='1346113439' post='4973948'] Maybe with more details I could come to understand this character better, but as it stands he/she simply seems deranged. It's like trying to relate to someone who brutally murders their family and then commits suicide. [/quote] Yeah I have left out details of the plot that ties into things better. I didnt want the text to be mountains big like the sticky post said to avoid. [quote name='a Smith' timestamp='1346113439' post='4973948'] I believe what will really alienate your audience is just how much focus you seem to want to place on these horrific planets--they're nightmare worlds, of course everyone who lives on them wants to die. Yes, our world is certainly tragic, but only the blindest cynic would consider it as hopeless as these mirror worlds you have suggested. [/quote] Well thats the point, it is a different planet. Of course thinking of this kind of world came from an outlook on life here, but its a different planet with a different type of species on it. Ill give another detail about the species that I didnt before. The way they reproduce is painful, no bliss in the end comes from copulating. They dont get the simple pleasures of sexuality or love like we do. [quote name='a Smith' timestamp='1346113439' post='4973948'] I think you should also consider what comes after suicide. To me it sounds like you are punishing your characters, raging against someone who is willing to give in. Why can't suicide be the unsettling blackness? Isn't the fact that your character chose suicide sad enough without them having to fall into Dante's Inferno? [/quote] Again, I didnt tell the plot of the 3rd game because I didnt know how many people would reply if they just saw a whole bunch of text at first. In the third game the main character makes it back to his reality and goes to his planet to destroy it. Thats skimming that part of the plot, but he does t least get some joy in the end. Him going from reality to reality in the ship is causing dimensional tears which will cause the end of existence. Bleak storyline, but I hope to make up for that with the gameplay. [quote name='bvanevery' timestamp='1346247479' post='4974422'] I'm thinking you need to do one game instead of two or three. [/quote] The games wont have a big budget, so Ill have to devide the storyline in to 3 parts and make each after the other. The story is sad, but the game play will be good shoot em up action and other types as well. I dont want to make a game thats depressing and boring to play. [quote name='bvanevery' timestamp='1346247479' post='4974422'] If that's what they believe, then they come to your work with those preconceptions. How will you deal with the consequence of death? [/quote] Im not trying to really make a religious commentary, and Im not trying to make a medium where people will go to so they can reinforce their outlooks on things while being all smiles and complacent. Ill check out that film.
  2. In the second game itll be kinda like another type of person to contrast the depression. A single survivor of the genocide makes it to the planet and thats when you actually see the world and these ideas of a depressed race come more into play.
  3. I see your point [url=""]sunandshadow[/url]. SInce it says to give a synopsis of the plot and not make a huge mountain of text I did leave out things that would explain the reason why everyone is depressed and other things. I dont know if I should go on a diatribe on my thoughts leading to this idea for a game series, but making them aliens has to do with any author or game designer who makes a story with aliens who are really reflections of humanity. Im taking that and going in a different direction. I also dont want the story to be about people because then someone playing will say "oh, humans dont act like that, no one could do that, ect." Even wild animals have the same emotions as people. Humanity is so sad and happy at the same time, it just depends on what you look at on tv or whats occuring in your life. With humans our dna says to progress the species, but these aliens dont have that hardwired into them. Im taking this thing thats apart of me (depression) and Im putting it somewhere else so I can explore it outside a human influence as best I can. Then Im gonna put it out in the open and see what others think of it. This is a lot to talk about, haha.
  4. [quote name='Hodgman' timestamp='1345471846' post='4971474'] Real social issues, such as mental health, aren't touched upon often enough in games, so IMHO a respectful integration into your plot would be welcome by many. [/quote] Yeah I wanted to play Indigo Prophecy, but never got to so I didnt know that feature. "Respectful" is a matter Im worried about with how some will see the game, theres no way to stop the characters from committing it. I see if the game becomes an underground hit some parents will blame the game for their kids suicides, which is a weird thing to have to talk about from my side. The real point of the game is that life is pointless and painful for some and they end up doing things that are violent and pointless. Im sick of the usual good guy winning over evil, or the antihero gets what he wants and lives to be something in his world, in games. Im not trying to promote suicide as a good thing for depressed people to do. Im saying instead that it happens and it doesnt matter what you think of it if youre not the person who commits it.
  5. Im not sure how much it would be if I did charge anything, depends on how long it takes to make it or how hard it is to get everything to work perfectly.
  6. [b]Not preventing it[/b], but instead having characters commit it to advance the story. I've suffered from depression all my life (I am 22), and death is always on my mind. So I think putting the subject in my games will be a good form of expression. I will be making these games out of passion and love, and[b] I hope to hit a chord with others who feel like myself. [/b] [b]The first game[/b] would take place on a non-human planet full of dispair, and everyone hates humanity as a whole while suffering in their own existence. The main player is an orphan (whos parents killed themselves) who comes from a poor area and is recruited to commit the genocide of an ecsaped cybernetic race on another planet, in the ultimate war machine. At the end of his mission he is killed so the army can say he stole the piece of technology to commit his racial war, but they activated the self destruct mechinism after it was "too late". [b]The next game[/b] is split between him as a ghost in the ship and another character as they explore the manicly depressed planet. The character in the ship destroys things for fun and commits suicide to end his misery, but he ends up in another plane of existence, never finding the oblivion he seeks. The other character eventually finds the creator of the cybernetic technology who kills himself in a way to make the army think the race sent an assassin to kill him so they would use their resources to seek out the servivors using their war machines and not fight other nations on the planet. Theres another game, but it isnt as focused on suicide like the others. It is just to tie up the story of course, and has its own theme in it as well. [b]What do you think of suicide as a major subject in a game? [/b]In my games and others as well. Should there be more games with suicides, or none at all? [b]Is it too negative, or is it not touched upon enough?[/b]
  7. Where do i start.

    Well, maybe you should find a school where you can take classes pertaining to the things you need to learn and make sure you'll actually know what to do. Also, I am starting out for the first time and think I'll stick to using RPG maker for now, I too didn't do well in math so I think this is the best way to have a chance at making the games I want to make. If you cant get classes because of monetary reasons (like me), or time constraints then maybe you should check out software like RPG Maker, Game Maker by Yoyo Games or something similar to get a start.