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  1. Question about Macbook Pro and game development

    Thanks for the redirect! I think I have a better idea of what might work for me.
  2. So, I've only been studying for a few weeks now on programming C#, and am starting to think that C++ might be a better option going forward, although that's a different point, but school's started and I'm looking to get a portable computer for use in classes. I'm attending an art school so in reality, I only have one course that will need a computer for, Media Arts and Digital Technology, but I can use it for notetaking for some other courses. I plan on majoring in Media Arts and Digital Technology, so in the future having a good portable device I can work on at home and school would be worth the investment. I'm curious, though, whether or not buying a MacBook Pro would be necessary or not, and if I would be able to use it for doing game development in the future. Just to note, I do have a fairly decent PC I bought this past winter, so this won't end up being my main all-around computer. If anyone has any advice they can offer, that would be wonderful. Thank-you.
  3. I had to stop playing because it was getting too intense for me. When it comes to zombies, I have to take it in in small bursts or I wig.
  4. I need some guidance

    Ohh, okay. Well, I'll forget about it for now and just work on building up my skillset, then. Thanks ^^
  5. At the moment, it seems like Asemu's Gundam is the weakest. AGE-3 became FX and AGE-1 got some new Wear upgrades. AGE-2 needs something.
  6. AC broke in the store. Now I'm dying in this heat wave.
  7. I need some guidance

    Thanks for all the advice! I'll definitely keep it in mind as I work away. Another question I had was, if I'm working with XNA, would it be problematic if I eventually wanted to design something for Playstation? Or if I want to make my project compatible with Playstation?
  8. I need some guidance

    I haven't quite gotten that far into the book yet so I'm not sure ^^;; What would be the most recommended if I just wanted to get it running decently on PC?
  9. I need some guidance

    Hi, new to the forums, but I'm looking to get some guidance. I have only recently started studying programming with C#, and I'm looking to design an RPG with an overhead, isometric viewpoint, in the same vein as Breath of Fire series of games. I haven't studied for very long, having only just finished doing my first Game Loop, but I intend to keep at it. The current book I'm learning from deals more with creating a platformer, which I have little interest in at the moment. I'm going to try and finish the book so I can get a better handle on the fundamentals. My request is for guidance on where to go from there, what to study and what I need to learn to make the kind of game I'm suggesting. I know it's somewhat of a tall order for a beginner to be tackling such a project, but it's the kind of game I want to make. If anyone has any helpful information, I would be very grateful.
  10. You know what being 23 feels like? Like being 22, 21, 20, etc.