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    [quote name='saejox' timestamp='1345430973' post='4971308'] 2 years minimum. there are so many concepts you will need to tackle. like scene management, skeletons, loading models, hlsl, etc.. and result wont be satisfactory. first projects almost never are. i have been there. [/quote] I think a full 3D engine with network capabilities will take even longer than two years. An acquaintance of mine worked on his engine on his free time, and took a whole year on 3D "renderer" (I forget the word) alone. But I'll reinforce the "result won't be satisfactory" part. I'm there, right now. I've been working on a 2D C++ game engine for about six months: I really think it sucks and want to throw it out the window. But I keep going. You should keep in mind that, even if it sucks, you're learning something from it. I don't know any DX (I'm currently learning OpenGL), so sorry if I can't be of any help. I just thought I'd say this.