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  1. Game: Last Square Standing

    Nice Game, I played your game, very nice. The score for next level is a good idea. I would like that pressing Ctrl Key, the blue square leave a bomb, then a circle crash with this and boom !. Great Job, see you: From Mexico.
  2. Hello everybody. I Live in Mexico. I tried to Build Chocolate Doom using CodeBlock, but I get the error undefined reference to '__security_cookie': C:\sdl\sdl_Lib\SDLmain.lib(.\release_nostdio\SDL_win32_main.obj).text[_main]+0x5)||undefined reference to `__security_cookie' My System is: PC Core 2 Duo, Windows Vista 32bits, RAM 2G. CodeBlock Ver. 10.05, Sdl ver. 1.2.15, SDL_mixer 1.2, Sdl_Net 1.2 What is wrong?
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