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  1. 2D MOBA Game Design (Need Suggestions)

    Interesting idea... i've played dota for like 4 years and dota 2 since beta, i like a lot moba game if i can play them with my friends. So as first suggestion, think a way to let user make team and then join together, moba are made to play with people, with clan and if no one of them are free, just join a quickmatch with stranger ally. I don't know about this new key "system" with W-S and Shift+A/B, if it could be good or annoying for those used to 1-2-3-4 or q-w-e-r, so at last let user change keybind, anyone got his style and letting them using keys they want is better! About the objective.. that is an hard questioin.. can u tell more about the "background" or "story" of the game? It would be helpfull and would help think about a good idea that fit in the story
  2. [quote name='Legendre' timestamp='1346749651' post='4976347'] This is actually quite easy to do in HTML5/Javascript. You just need to shift the location of the sprite on the HTML5 canvas and load the appropriate "walking" images, or use a Javscript game engine that has everything built in. (pm me if you need more directions, I can link you to the tutorials/code) Like I said in my reply to jbadams, the programming is not the hard part, the biggest hurdle is all the time and effort that you will have to spend playing the role of "art director". P.S. My day job is scientific computing, so I apologize if I trivialized the programming too much. [img][/img] [/quote] Yea i know that you can do iy with HTML5 ad jQuery, but it would take time to study it and it wont end there, i would need to study more for other things like collision and everything else that seem easy, but at the end it would take a lot of time to learn and than to put on action. I hate made engine, i like to code myself all what i need, too if it take a lot of more time. Since i'm working for a "text" browser game, i don't need 2d or 3d graphic. In a future i will surely study HTML5 and all the technology to make an online game with 2d or 3d graphic, but right now, since i do it in my free time and with the knowledge i made in 7 years of study and practice, i will use jquery/ajax and php to make good effect that wont burden the weight of the design and of the website! [I accept any suggestion, since i'm a newbye as designer/game programmer, but right now i focus on strengthen my knowledge then expand my 'universe'] Actualy i know that the design is an hard part of it, since i can code all what i want, but without any art designer, i wont be able to make the website looking good, neither the game! But i think that the programming is the more harsh part of all the "Game Development". I say that because you need to know what u are doing, u need to know diferent way to make the same things, u need to know to secure the code, to realize the things u planned and everytinhg is connected to the programmer.. why? Well that's because if u have to put a sprite there, u need to know how to place it there.. if u have to change an algoritm u need to know where and how to change it! and so on :3 No worry, i'm a Web Programmer but still new in this world (22 years old here), i've stuyed a lot (since i were 15 y.o.) and i think the programming is the main thing, without it nothing realy matter since u won't even need an art director without a programmer to meke the game :3
  3. Hi Legendre, actually i'm working too on a project for a browsed based game. I'm still working on filtering all the ideas i got in my mind and choose the one that are easy, funny and at the same time make the game more interesting and idfferent than others browser game. At that's the hard part of all the project, since i know i can do it, but it's one of my first project so it will take time,patience and a lot of personal will! I perfectly understand your concern, since i want more graphic or effect in my browser game, but just think how much time it's needed for an effect, like the hero moving during combat, it's a lot complex and painfull to code in Php/jQuery/Ajax... I don't say is impossible, is just realy complex. In my game the combat will be turn based (like FF7 if u know it) with a max of 5 people in a party, i already made the "sync" of the diferent users in the same party, battling against an enemy. But i made it with just plain text, right now i'm thinking on how to put more "graphic" and "effect" in it, to make it more interesting and less boring.... like "skill effect" on the monster, the slash of the sword or the block of the shield. I was thinking of putting hero character avatar and enemy avatar to make it more "realistic" and not just plain text. About the monster.. i was thinking to using a map to let the player move around the world and encounter enemy, so i could just put mosnter around the map, near the place where they should be, for a standard browser game, as i udnerstand u want to make a "standard" one, i don't know. Placing monster picture around the design of the website surely will help to identify the monster where the player is but wont it make the design too much "full of thigns"? I like a lot minimal website, because they are clear, immediate and with basic effect they are cool. But i know that making "minimal" a browser game, is like wanting to make a chocolate cake, with realy little of chocolate :/ .. still i don't think that placing too much things around the design will help the player to understand at first glance and visit in the website what he must do. I'm not saying you shouldn't put them, is just that if u do it u should it as it wont affect too much the design and make the "first glance" more complicated. There are a lot of people (myself too) that don't even brother to surf all the website, if that is too full of things that make it unclear at first glance. I thought too to start learning HTML5 new technology to make game that would be playable everywhere with everything, but it would take a lot of time and would make a game that is not what i want to do: a browser game! Flash, for me, is out for all options, since i think it will be useless in some years thanks to HTML5 too!
  4. I'm thinking for something similar, but i'm working on a browser game, so it's not like i have to put much graphic to make it look cooler. I recently thought about the "character behavior" of the hero controlled by the user. Example: There are 5 stats: strenght(aggressive), dexterity(elusive), constitution(defensive), intelligence(frenetic) and charisma(supportive), when you add a stats point to strenght it give +1 damage with meele weapon, +4 carry weight and +0.2% aggressive; when you add a stats point to dexterity it give +1 damage with ranged weapon, +1 dodge and +0.2% elusive. Basically we have stats and behavior, when you add stats u get a "bonus" to behaviour, when u do something connected to that kind of behaviour, u get a bonus on that behaviour. The enemy of course reacts differently to different heroes that have different behaviour. Someone that is a lot aggressive have more chance to scare a frenetic enemy, at the same time an aggressive enemy have more chance to scare a frenetic hero instead of a defensive hero (constitution). So if you connect these two mechanisms you can get a little more complicated combat that isn't related to elements(fire,water,etc) and is role-playable(?). What do you think? Of course if u are working with 2d or 3d u can, as suggested by Mratthew, make this work with the look of the hero too, and that would be cool .
  5. Regulating leveling-up in online games

    You said what i've been thinking for many years. Most of the so called "social game" that are around the web, aren't social at all for various reason. One of this is the difference between players and that they can just trade/chat/battle against eachother 1vs1. That's why i started to put down some ideas for a real "social" browser game, where players can interact more and play together for a better purpose than to hava a better score. And i've been stuck exactly to the question "How to control the level up grind?". The first thing that came in my mind was the "energy bar", for now is the best choice to prevent someone playing 24/7 and run through the whole content without enjoying the fun with other players, than leave the game since he didn't have fun! Stupid me, u had this idea, but i didn't understand all of what u said. So i retrive back what i say, i will think about something else xD [spoiler]Your idea about the level-cap is quite juicy, but hard to implement without raising the angry of the players that can play a lot. But since i'm using a different type of "leve-up system" where you get exp the more you use your ability (it's like skyrim, yes, but totaly different on how i manage the ability), i think i can edit it like this (Example):[list] [*]The cap level for one day is 3, so u can get just 3 leve per day. [*]As said, you can give your "level cap" to someone else. [*]By using your ability, you get exp. [*]When you hit level cap of the day, u can keep doing your things, the game save the "exp" that you make, so the next day you will get all the experience u did they day before, but still with the level cap of the day. [*]So if u do enought experience the first day to hit level cap, and make a lot more, the next day u could hit instantly the level cap, because u had all the experience saved. [/list] What do you think about it? Is just an example, and i think it can work out in a normal "level-up system" where u get exp by killing mob and from quest...[/spoiler] [b][This are my thoughts][/b] My concern is actually the immersion about all this different kind of "level up system". If you play a game, you play it because you like the stories and u want to be a part of that world! Do something that u can't do in real-life, something that u always dreamd of but wasn't able to. So if we put a control like the Energy Bar, it's like saying "I can do 30 times this action in 5m, than must sleep for 4 hours to fully restore and go back to the field for 5m and so on"... sry what? Another example is the timer: "I can do 30m of actions/movement, but than i must sleep.. oh wait, if i drink this potion i will be able to move again for 30m!"... Nah totaly don't like it.. So my problem is that i want to find a way to make the game/story more immersive, where there are realy low number of contradictions,and at the same time not too easy to grind it! Sadly the best choiche for immersion is "Let everyone level as much as they want" but there's still a problem: Grind.
  6. Hi there! I'm a new user in this forum, but i secretly surfed this forum for a while, reading about other ides and suggestion about game similar mine, to see if i could find soemthing to improve or to add in my game in future. I can't say a lot about my game, since i'm still in the "write down all things u have in mind" stage and did just a small part of the combat, to see if i could be able to program it, but i can tell u at last what my idea is. I like a lot [i]jRpg[/i], or to put it in better words, i like the combat system: turn based (like final fantasy 7, this is the best example since all know about it!) and since i always dreamed to make a game, after a lot of years studying and coding i decied it was the time of starting coding one. I like a lot [i]Browser Game[/i] since u can play it everywhere, u just need a internet connection and without using Flash, u can use ur phone to log in and do what u want to do! Since a lot of those called "social game" aren't "social" at all, i want to try to code a game where user that cooperate with eachother get a "bonus" and can have more fun by playing in group" So what i'm doing is basically a [b]Browser Game[/b] ([i]PHP/SQL/Jquery/AJAX[/i]) with features like:[list] [*][b]Turn Based Combat[/b] like FF 7 with a max of 5 user in a party. (Yes i could sync all the user so when someone do something in his turn, the other see what he do at the same time.) [*][b]3 different kingdoms[/b] (still need to decide if 3 or 4) with different city each and different economy/population. [*][b]Quest created by user[/b] with a lot of influency in the city or a lot of fame around the kingdoms. [*][i]And more things that i will write down if i see i can get help from this website.[/i] [/list] At the end i'm not here to talk about my game, since i have my ideas and i've decied them, [u][b]what i'm here is for asking help about Enemy Encounter[/b][/u]. My Browser game [u]won't be 2d or 3d[/u]; well the combat may have the "character" of the user and the enemy designed, but u won't run around the world free, it will be the most plain text and the website graphic nothing more since i use Jquery and Php. Maybe i can explain it better using example like "Bitefight" or "Mafia Wars" or i don't know.. hope u get the idea. So actualy i was hoping to get some suggestion / idea about how user should "encounter" the enemy and start a fight. Something not too boring and long. I was thinking like:[list=1] [*]User accept the quest alone or with the party. [*]Him or the leader of the group push a button to "start the adventure". [*]If by random calculations he/they must encounter enemy, so the combat start. [*]If they win they go on with the quest, and again the server calculate the probability of another encounter. [*]So on.. [/list] What do u think? Wouldn't it be a little boring just seeing a timer "es. 20m" decreasing and waiting for the minuts to end so u end the quest alone or with the whole party? I would be bored to wait 20m just for a quest instead of crafting soemthing for me or learning something else... If u got any questiong just ask, i will answer when i can [img][/img] [u][i][b]Thansk![/b][/i][/u]