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  1. Can anyone help me find which books to refer for game programming (beginners)
  2. Can anyone guide me to opt the best course or university for "game designing"? I am currently doing "Bachelor of engineering in information technology"
  3. Slayer07

    Basic Requirements

    okay... Unreal Game engine, where is space to code From video tutorial i could understand is its all pick up and drop, i.e only creativity and (hell lot of patience)is needed. Where to code?
  4. Slayer07

    Basic Requirements

    Its for my college project so manpower is :3 members in Unreal 3, i studied the engine by video tutorials, but i couldnt find a place for programing though PLease guide
  5. Slayer07

    Basic Requirements

    To create a new game what are the basic stuff one need? Other than an idea? I am planning to use Game Engine: Unreal 3
  6. Slayer07

    Game Development

    Thanks guys for your replies. But these stuff i know by reading books. I want some practical help. I want to know about GameDesign Document etc. This will make my portfolio, its important to me thanks
  7. Slayer07

    Game Development

    join as in?
  8. Slayer07

    Game Development

    [font=georgia, serif]Hello,[/font] [font=georgia, serif]I am totally new to this forum.[/font] [font="georgia, serif"]My passion is gaming. And my favorite genre is RPG.[/font] [font="georgia, serif"]After my graduation I am planing to pursue game designing as my PG course, but for every university i tried is asking for a portfolio.[/font] [font=georgia, serif]I read a lot of books related to Game Designing and I have a basic knowledge about importance of design documents etc.[/font] [font=georgia, serif]Now i have to start making a 3D RPG game, as if my portfolio is impressive I have a good chance of cracking a scholarship also.[/font] [font=georgia, serif]I know languages:[/font] [font=georgia, serif]C#[/font] [font=georgia, serif]C++[/font] [font=georgia, serif]Javas[/font] [font=georgia, serif]javaScript[/font] [font=georgia, serif]J2ME[/font] How, where and what to start first? Thank you
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