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  1. Anyone? Almost any response would be useful
  2. I have no idea if this topic should go here (or, indeed, if it should go anywhere on this forum). However, here goes: When we play a game, we are typically focusing on some parts of the game more then others. For example, in an FPS, you are paying a far greater degree of attention to the center of the screen, since most of the important action is happening there. At the same time, though, you (or most good players do) are also glancing things on there peripheries, whether searching for other players, or checking their ammo, health, minimap, ect. Compare that to a platformer (espeically the incredibly difficult ones of this day like Super Meat Boy or VVVVVV), in which you are almost only focusing on your character and the area directly around him. What games do you think reward "tunnel vision" vs those that reward broad viewpoints? Which do you prefer as game devs? I am aware that this is a rather odd and obscure question, but I'm hoping you guys could help out. Thanks! P.S: Anyone know somewhere where I could go for further reading on this topic? Maybe even somewhere on this website?
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