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  1. Hello, Direction Advice

    Hello. It has dawned on me that this year i am turning 20 years old and i feel that i have completely lost direction. I am just looking for some advice and some beginner steps into the games industry, when i first left school i enrolled on a games development course at my local college, though enjoying it, i was unsure on what i really wanted to do so i left to persue a career in the navy, after being on the waiting list for over a year, i went into full time work and became stuck, after attempting college a second time round studying A-levels, i realised this also was not for me, after a short stint i am now back in the same position, working pay check to pay check, but still craving the original dream of being involved in the games industry as i feel this is one of the only thing's i feel that i am really passionate about. Just looking for someone to size this up for me and offer me some entry advice, sorry about the bio there i just wanted to get across that i am feeling stuck in a job that i do not enjoy dreaming of a career in an industry i would love to be a part of. Thankyou, i hope this question is not to broad if so please say, cheers. Jordan.
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