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  1. Unsigned int64 wokring wrong

    Ectara, it is not C++ because I am looked to the memory at pointer gived from GetArgAddress (when investigated an original error).. so there is 0xffffffffffffffff in memory prepared by AngelCode engine.   Also, I declared application function as FnTestUint64(asQWORD ui64b) and there is nothing misunderstandable for compiler.
  2. Unsigned int64 wokring wrong

    Dear Andreas and all,   1) This code will cause an error "Implicit conversion changed sign of value": uint64 ui64b = 4294967295; But this won't: uint64 ui64b = 4294967296; 2) If I declare a global application function like FnTestUint64(uint64 val) and pass ui64b variable to this function, then there are two different behaviours:   uint64 ui64b = 4294967295; FnTestUint64(ui64b); // C++ debugger will show incorrect value 0xffffffffffffffff uint64 ui64b = 4294967296; FnTestUint64(ui64b); // C++ debugger will show correct value 0x0000000100000000   0xffffffffffffffff is -1 in int64 and 18446744073709551615 in uint64.   It seems that compiler incorrectly converts 4294967295 to int as -1, then converts this -1 to int64, then converts this big -1 (represented as 0xffffffffffffffff) to uint64   Maybe it is a well-known bug? Is it possible to fix it? Thank you.
  3. Preprocessing

    Thank you, Andreas. I've got idea and solved my problems as you said extending CScriptBuilder functionality.
  4. First fully functional JIT compiler for AngelScript available

    saejox, thank you! you are opened my eyes, really)
  5. Preprocessing

    rip-off, thanks, i got idea, so will make my own preprocessing utility. Seems, that in the same way I can solve 3-4 questions.. But, hope AngelScript will be better with this functionality due avoiding to rewrite old C-sources in AS-syntax.
  6. First fully functional JIT compiler for AngelScript available

    I tried to add this JIT compiler to my project and got may errors with std::function in MSVC 9 in as_jit.cpp .. Could you say me what I am doing wrong?
  7. Preprocessing

    Hello, I have a few questions about possibility own built-in preprocessing to realize addition functionality. 1) I would like to add #define directive. How can I do this? 2) Is it possible to add some another preprocessor directives? 3) Is it possible to replace not-AS type to built-in type? For example from "unassigned int" to "uint". 4) Is it possible to re-declare arrays from AS-way to C-way. I mean using "int arr[5]" instead of "int[] arr(5)". Thank you in advance.