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  1. Hi, thanks for the answers!
  2. Hi, im reading a openGl 4 tutorial that say that I have to upgrade my video card drivers (Nvidia or Ati) for get the libraries, the problem is that im learning to code in a netbook, so the cuestion is: Is posible to use the openGl libraries in a netbook?    
  3. buumchakalaka

    Jump to 3D

    Hi! I make some 2D games with SDL, now I think that is the moment to start making games in 3D. There are lots of options for learn 3D, but my main question is:  I should learn OpenGL and combine it with SDL, o is better option to use any 3D engine like Unity? I want to prepare for make games in profesional way... So, in this case, what is the best choice for avoid wasting time learning useless thinks? Thanks you in advance!  
  4. buumchakalaka

    Techniques for Achieving Play Balance

  5. buumchakalaka

    Version control for begginers

    Hi all! Some people recommend me to use any version control software for help me in the organization and realization of my proyects. Im looking for information about source control and Im realy lost with the lot of things I readed in some minutes. Git, Merculial, Perforce, Bitbucket, etc, etc.   The only I need is a tool for support and made development easier, but from what I'm reading it seems that I will only complicate my proyects with those softwares.    I want to focus in make games, not in learn to use a source control software, so, what is the best option for a complete beginner in this matter?    Thanks you very much for the help!
  6. So, I can install all the static files in program files (like any other programs) and the dinamic files in the user's appData? That's mean that every user of the computer will have a diferent appData for my game, right? How can I writte this directory in C++ for, per example, save the content of a ofstream object? 
  7. buumchakalaka

    Good habits for game development

    Thanks for all the answers, I will put in practice some of your tips in my news proyects!
  8. Hi! Just a simple cuestion, ¿What directory do your chose for install your games since Program Files is limited to read only?  
  9. Hello! Im starting to make big proyects (of course, big in relation to my previous proyects) and I'm beginning to consider how to make game more efficiently. One thing I realized about my little experience is that is very important to design the whole game and the structure of the code before start writing, although I have not put this into practice. So what I should consider about this point? And in general, what I should consider for become a better game developer and make better games? Thanks you for the help!!
  10. Thanks, im not working on a console but its an option for the future, so its good to know this.
  11. buumchakalaka

    Program install and uninstall files in c++

    Thanks for the answers.  Anyway, if someone knows how to write a setup, Im really interested in this. 
  12. Thanks you! With this information I can start researching about memory optimization. Edit: Just the last cuestion, how can memory leaks affect the preformace of the aplication?
  13.   In my case I think the problem with the speed is that, a bad memory access, because the problem is very random. Often the game run perfect and suddenly it become very sloooow.  I have many cuestions about this: What do you mean with: "access memory in cache friendly way"? Can you explain with a simple example?   About the profilers, if I write my own little proffiler like a class that mesure the time and the number of calls in each frame will be enougth for simple optimizations like this?
  14. So, the best can I do is to identify where im lossing speed and try to optimize this parts of code? Im reading about profilers right now, but it seems to be more complex than I expected. Do you know any good and simple profiler for start to learn about this?   Also Im using SDL, maybe is the moment for start with OpenGL?   Thanks you!
  15. Hi, I have a doubt about optimization.  Until now I dont care about load more than one time a image. So, for example, if I had two classes that need the same image I load two times instead of load one and share two pointers to the image.  But now I need to increase the speed of my games, so I have a cuestion: What is the relation between memory and fps? I can get more Fps wasting less memory, or it is only usefull when I have a limited memory space like in a mobile phone?   Thanks in advance for the help!   
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