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  1. Hey Guys,  I was wondering how cool it would be to re-create a popular AAA game within a 2D isometric/indie art style. I feel like the genre fits well with the 2D isometric so that there could be blind spots which would allow players to use their listen mode more effectively.    I also think the top down view would allow players to throw bombs, molotovs, and smoke bombs more effectively.   The question: Is this all legal?  I know I can't directly name it after The Last of Us series and I assume Naughty Dog hasn't copyrighted any gameplay mechanics.   Anyways, let me know what you think and how far I could take this cool idea.   Thanks!
  2. Add me on skype: chris.fracassi1   I would want to do a very short game that is good looking, simple, and addicting! Oh and I can't forget: Awesome.   Contact me if interested!
  3. Hi, I am a game designer who is working on a 70's theme indie game to be released on OSX, Windows, and hopefully PS4. The catch is that the game will resemble a 70's sci fi movie and contain art and music from that groovy era.    Nothing says 70's electronic music like a MOOG Synthesizer so I was inspired to find a guy who would be willing to work with me and create classic and original soundtrack or a couple songs for my revolutionary game.   Here are some sneak peak screenshots from the prototype of the game:    If you are interested in being apart of my awesome team, please contact me at: [CONTACT INFO REMOVED]
  4. Thanks for the quick reply! Thats awesome to hear, I can't wait to start the game design.
  5. So I am thinking about designing an MMO/Sandbox Game for the future of our Dev Team and I have many great ideas to make it an awesome game. BUT, I have run into a problem. Some of the gameplay is based around another MMO. Before implementing this sort of copied gameplay style, what should I do? Do I contact the makers of the referenced game? Also, if you are interested in helping me create the game, please don't hesitate to message me. Please answer my question if you know it. Thanks to all who replied!
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