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  1. RT @gamasutra: EA fails to earn a profit but turns in better-than-expected earnings https://t.co/9kLSFlLABl
  2. PH's #Duterte threats to leave U.N after drug war critisms, other news seem to have failed to quote this.I wonder. https://t.co/dFxznfPU6I
  3. RT @BlenderNation: Earlier today: New post: Blender VFX Spider-Man Web Slinging Tutorial https://t.co/YAe7XTzN0Q https://t.co/qzK5etmm8t
  4. Lizard Squad Caught, Out-Hacked By Finest Squad? PSN, Xbox Live Hackers May Be Gone http://t.co/h1u0IO3HsK #indiedev #gamedev #indiegame
  5. Cryptoy. Fun and educational app for kids by UK Spy Agency. http://t.co/VvXfzjTwTr #indiedev #gamedev #indiegame
  6. RT @EiR_TD: A quickie on the new dynamic #GUI for #screenshotsaturday. Getting that GUI to behave took some #gamedev pain though! http://t.…
  7. Aaaaaannnndddd...there goes PSN!! GREAT!! #indiedev #gamedev #indiegame
  8. RT @garageludumteam: So we have updated our game. Test it and say what do you think! http://t.co/FSF59MucyA #Garage48 #LDJAM #gamedev
  9. RT @IndieGamerChick: We have plans for #GamesMatter TV on Twitch. We want it to have daily content from developers and fans, become a premi…
  10. RT @TGIK_Games_CR: FtA: How to Build a Game #7 Want to Kickstart Your Game, Marketing Starts Now! | TGIK Games Blog http://t.co/KJVnPC71ra
  11. RT @Gam3Newz: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt trailer teases second playable character - http://t.co/wC0COpImlS - psu http://t.co/qDtGzDYqc0
  12. RT @NakedGameNews: Valve takes a cue from Twitch by adding video streaming to Steam http://t.co/JsD9aUxFvS http://t.co/RJApiM8wgX
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