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  1. I have done tons of interviews over the phone, with AAA game companies, that led nowhere. In my experience they always ask project related questions. That other stuff meant to trick you, is for recent grads or someone with zero experience. If you are just out of school or have no job experience, then I would recommend brushing up on every facet of game programming.   Some questions I was asked: -Tell me about a project you have worked on in the past. -Walk me through how you would fix a bug in the project. -How can you ensure a previous release is not broken with a future release scheduled. -How do you protect a server from DDos. -Log into collabedit.com and sign in under a name I give you. I will post a few thousand lines of code for you, find all errors in it and generate a diff patch with all corrections. Email the patch within one hour of this interview.
  2. This is best solved with machine learning.
  3. Might want to go with a tree building algorithm. An L-system fractal generator would work for something like this.
  4. No one will use it unless you offer a demo. People must be able to test the engine out. Otherwise good luck finding anyone that will doll out that kind of money, even if it is only 16 bucks. I hope you change strategies here, drop the licensing and do kick-starter instead to fund it until it is finished. Then when you have a finished product, sell it for 1,500 dollars instead. Just my opinion.
  5.     Very true, now that I'm off the med, I realize how crazy most of my coding was during those couple of months. I am under the firm belief that most new game companies fail because they push their employees too hard and don't let them sleep enough.
  6. This one needs a little explaining. A while back I was in the middle of a major life crisis and things where looking real bad for me, in a nutshell I couldn't sleep. I was put on ambien by my doctor, and found I did not go to sleep while on it. Instead I turned into a zombie of a person that walked into walls ocassionally. This is something I coded while awake on ambien. //-----Generate Self Extracting patch installer-----> if(generatePatch && numDiffs > 0){//-b flag //construct base source files system("mkdir /tmp/builder"); system("echo '#include <stdio.h>' > /tmp/builder/headers.c"); system("echo '#include <stdlib.h>' >> /tmp/builder/headers.c"); system("echo \" \" >> /tmp/builder/headers.c");//space system("echo \" \" > /tmp/builder/decompile.c");//space system("echo 'int main(){' >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c"); system("echo 'FILE *fp = fopen(\"TMP.tar.gz\",\"wb\");' >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c"); system("echo 'fwrite(xxx, sizeof(xxx[0]), sizeof xxx/sizeof(xxx[0]), fp);' >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c"); system("echo 'fclose(fp);' >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c"); //do any additional installation work here--> system("ST=\\\"\necho \"system(${ST}> .install.py${ST});//create installer script\" >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c");//create script file //write python install script here--> system("STT=\\\\\\\"\nST=\\\"\necho \"system(${ST}echo 'from Tkinter import * ' >> .install.py${ST});\" >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c"); system("STT=\\\\\\\"\nST=\\\"\necho \"system(${ST}echo 'from tkFileDialog import askdirectory ' >> .install.py${ST});\" >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c"); system("STT=\\\\\\\"\nST=\\\"\necho \"system(${ST}echo 'import os ' >> .install.py${ST});\" >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c"); system("STT=\\\\\\\"\nST=\\\"\necho \"system(${ST}echo 'def askd(): ' >> .install.py${ST});\" >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c"); system("STT=\\\\\\\"\nST=\\\"\necho \"system(${ST}echo ' dir1 = askdirectory() ' >> .install.py${ST});\" >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c"); system("STT=\\\\\\\"\nST=\\\"\necho \"system(${ST}echo ' if dir1: ' >> .install.py${ST});\" >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c"); system("STT=\\\\\\\"\nST=\\\"\necho \"system(${ST}echo ' print ${STT}Directory ${STT} + dir1 + ${STT} Will Be Patched.${STT}' >> .install.py${ST});\" >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c"); system("STT=\\\\\\\"\nST=\\\"\necho \"system(${ST}echo ' os.system(${STT}tar -zxf ./TMP.tar.gz -C .${STT}) ' >> .install.py${ST});\" >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c"); system("STT=\\\\\\\"\nST=\\\"\necho \"system(${ST}echo ' os.system(${STT}mv -f .gamepatch.diff* ${STT} + dir1) ' >> .install.py${ST});\" >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c"); system("STT=\\\\\\\"\nST=\\\"\necho \"system(${ST}echo ' os.system(${STT}rm ./TMP.tar.gz${STT}) ' >> .install.py${ST});\" >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c"); system("STT=\\\\\\\"\nST=\\\"\necho \"system(${ST}echo ' os.system(${STT}cd dir1\\\\\\\ngamepatch -p 10000${STT}) ' >> .install.py${ST});\" >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c");//patch system to latest patch system("STT=\\\\\\\"\nST=\\\"\necho \"system(${ST}echo ' quit() ' >> .install.py${ST});\" >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c");//exit tkinter system("STT=\\\\\\\"\nST=\\\"\necho \"system(${ST}echo ' exit() ' >> .install.py${ST});\" >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c");//exit python system("STT=\\\\\\\"\nST=\\\"\necho \"system(${ST}echo 'top = Frame() ' >> .install.py${ST});\" >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c"); system("STT=\\\\\\\"\nST=\\\"\necho \"system(${ST}echo 'top.pack() ' >> .install.py${ST});\" >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c"); system("STT=\\\\\\\"\nST=\\\"\necho \"system(${ST}echo 'Label(top, text=${STT}${STT}${STT}This patch is only designed for a specific game. ' >> .install.py${ST});\" >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c"); system("STT=\\\\\\\"\nST=\\\"\necho \"system(${ST}echo 'Do Not Use If Unsure What Game This Is For! ' >> .install.py${ST});\" >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c"); system("STT=\\\\\\\"\nST=\\\"\necho \"system(${ST}echo '${STT}${STT}${STT}).pack(side=TOP) ' >> .install.py${ST});\" >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c"); system("STT=\\\\\\\"\nST=\\\"\necho \"system(${ST}echo 'widget = Button(top, text=${STT}Choose Game Directory To Patch${STT}, command=askd) ' >> .install.py${ST});\" >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c"); system("STT=\\\\\\\"\nST=\\\"\necho \"system(${ST}echo 'widget.pack(side=BOTTOM) ' >> .install.py${ST});\" >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c"); system("STT=\\\\\\\"\nST=\\\"\necho \"system(${ST}echo 'top.mainloop() ' >> .install.py${ST});\" >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c"); //----------------------------------> system("ST=\\\"\necho \"system(${ST}gnome-terminal -e 'python ./.install.py'${ST});\" >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c");//run script file system("ST=\\\"\necho \"system(${ST}rm .install.py${ST});\" >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c");//remove script file //------------------------------------------> system("echo 'return 0;}' >> /tmp/builder/decompile.c"); //build and merge source files system("tar -zcf /tmp/builder/TMP.tar.gz .gamepatch.diff*"); system("cat /tmp/builder/TMP.tar.gz | ( echo \"unsigned char xxx[] = {\"; xxd -i; echo \"};\" ) > /tmp/builder/output_file.c"); system("cat /tmp/builder/headers.c /tmp/builder/output_file.c /tmp/builder/decompile.c > /tmp/builder/builder.c"); //compile source file if(path==NULL){ system("gcc /tmp/builder/builder.c -o ./patcher"); } else{ sprintf(buffer, "%s%s","gcc /tmp/builder/builder.c -o ",path); system(buffer); } printf("\n-->Patch Installer Has Been Generated\n"); } //-------------------------------------------------->
  7. Just out of curiosity what was the low pay you received and what city do you live in? I am just curios about different pay scales for entry level positions in different areas of the country.   You are better off going to a wealthier nation like Saudi Arabia or United Arab Emirates, then at least you would get decent pay.  These days allot of the small start-ups in America are taking advantage of programmers and paying virtually nothing to entry level. I remember being offered 10 dollars an hour at some place, and it was only for a couple months of intense all nighters. These jobs are known to be dead ends because after the company hires on a large team of new programmers. They put them through the minimum number of sprints until the next product is out, then lay everyone off. Then sales kick in for the next 9 months to sell and make profit. Never worth it, start-ups live off the generosity of their employees.   If you really want to make it big in America do not work for anyone, make eekers work for you at sub standard salaries and recoup millions back in sales. This is the land where it is legal to profit off the hard work of other people.
  8. @godmodder, only teams started by artists ever make games. It's a well known fact programmers can't get games done without at least some start-up money to get artists.
  9. Hard to say what it is without looking at code. Are the images statically loaded in memory, are you moving the sprites with a vector/momentum list, are you resizing/transforming the images every game cycle, etc...
  10. Just my personal opinion, I would go simple and use html5.   http://www.isogenicengine.com/ http://libcanvas.github.com/
  11. The Poo award is not for being evil, just poor interaction with customers.
  12. The website consumerist dot com is still taking nominations for worst company in America and you have until march 12, 5pm ET.   http://consumerist.com/tag/worst-company-in-america/   I have my favourites for this year all picked out, all three deserve to get golden poo. EA Games, Monsanto, Directv
  13. I came into programming the old fashioned way. I started with Basic then moved to C and then C++. I personally would not recommend you learn C++ until you first learn the C way of doing things.
  14. Let's first define what type of functional programming you mean. To me functional programming is a style of programming that treats the program flow like an equation void of any variables. I think you view it from the perspective of lets make a function that moves a ship forward and to the left. If you have a function for every possible game action, that will eventually become very hard to maintain.   The single mother class would be your game class. Inside of which is the game loop and support functions for interacting with the entity system.