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  1. How to order data in packets?

    Ive been making a socketio server for realtime unity games just because and I encountered a problem. In my game each client objects tell the server their state with a simple struct with a couple a fields , nothing big and the server then broadcasts it to the rest of the clients. Since I use redis behind all clusters I had to check on a timestamp I sent with each packet to be sure Im not overwriting updates with old data from another client that happened to arrive a little late. Doing this did improve the problem but still theres something wrong with the way im doing things as it doesnt work as intended (some updates are positions) and , for example, with an object falling , the object goes back up a little every couple of frames. I can tell what the problem is but I dont really know how to fix it. How do I take in to account that if an object is falling no to take data that positions it above the position in the previous packet without making handlers for each physics event and input??
  2. Lua script manager

    I made a very simple 2d engine with directx and I was thinking on including a scripting system since tweaking values on the engine code everytime I want to try somthing its becoming a little annoying. I understand how to somewhat use lua scripts for c++ code but since I have to register the lua functions I dont know how to create new functions on a script and register them without touching the engine code myself. If there is another way to get variables from lua functions in c++ code without registering them I dont know how. (Lua beginner)
  3. C# and C++

    So bottom line, does it take more time or not?? (please only answer this question if you are skilled in both c++ AND c#) PS: If the difference is. for example, if a project takes 1 year in one in the other it takes 1 year and 10 days then the difference doesn't matter to me as 10 days is not a lot of time
  4. C# and C++

    Another thing, does developing in c++ really takes THAT much more time?? I mean let's say i was making a game in sfml and it took me 1 year. How much time do you think it would take me in c# and XNA?
  5. C# and C++

    How much harder is c++? because i was considering learning one or the other and I really don't have much time in my hands and i hear that c#and , for example , XNA are way faster to develop than c++ and ,say, sfml. PS: I dont care about portability
  6. blender cutscenes

    is there a way to use cinematics created in blender in a smfl/opengl game??
  7. being realistic

    Thanks for all the answers, i think ill go with sfml since i like c++ better
  8. being realistic

    but would you think c# and XNA is easyer than c++ and sdl or sfml?? Iwant to start with something that requires some coding but as easy as possible, at least unitl i get familiar with game programming
  9. being realistic

    man that looks awesome. I forgot to mention, Im currently learning c# so it would be easyer to make a game in XNA instead of sfml or sdl?
  10. being realistic

    I know I must start small but I want to learn something that allows me , when i have the knowledge, to create a beautiful 2d game. So that being said what I would like to make (not know of course, im talking future here) would be something like wizorb , cave story plus or 30 second hero in terms of graphics.
  11. being realistic

    I wanted to know if it is possible for a single person to make a game in sdl and or opengl and with this i mean a big game not just a pong or something like that. Should i use a game engine instead?? I want to make a nice looking game, i prefer 2d but i dont dislike 3d. I also like to code so I wouldn't like to use one of those engines where you don't code at all. I feel that even though engines help a lot they also limit what you can do and also even though I like the flexibility that using sdl and opengl gives you but it seems to hard [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.png[/img] and maybe I just can't find any good one but everytime I try to look for projectsmade in sdl, sfml, opengl and directx they all look horrible and boring.
  12. retro games

    how is my question vague?? I showed which kind of games I would like to make. Maybe it helps saying that I can only program in c++, i mean, i don't know any other languages so,even if it is similar to c#, it means no XNA or any other c# engine. I thouhgt of learning lua so an engine scripted in lua wouldn't be out of the question.
  13. retro games

    I wanted to know how games like this http://mashable.com/2012/04/15/indie-games/#tLhxOPLc0qE (most of them) are made. With this I mean those retro looking games like 30 second hero, is it some engine? can I make something like this with an API? Also I would like to know how to make cinematics in 3d and integrate them with something like those games.
  14. what to start with?

    My goal for now would be to make a 2d game and I got the stupid idead that starting with directx would be better.(I am still learning c++ programming) So i was wondering which engine or api was better for a begginer (and with this I mean which is easier to use) I f possible I would like to learn something that will help me undestand more difficult concepts later on. Also I would like to know from these engines and APIs which offers the most possibilities (becuase I don't know which time of game I want to make yet so I need something with what you can do most things)
  15. 2d directx

    but can I achieve that level of pro looking games with directx by myself??
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