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  1. CAL - Online Strategy Game

    We are opening the service for testing with new features: Notification system Global matches list Pieces price history graph "Bet the system" games If anyone wants to help us, he can join the system and report unexpected behaviors and advices.
  2. CAL - Online Strategy Game

    We are working on it.
  3. CAL - Online Strategy Game

    I think it is a great idea but at this time we currently full of work with standard boards. If the system will grow well with a lot of user, I think we can develop this kind of features.    thank you for your feedback
  4. CAL - Online Strategy Game

    We are continuously developing the system and we have implemented a lot of new feature. Have a look to the new site and join using the link www.cal-chess.org/index.php/user/login We hope you enjoy it, so feel free to send us feedback and suggestions. zeeke
  5. Currently developing CAL game.
  6. CAL - Online Strategy Game

    [quote name='DpakoH' timestamp='1346152933' post='4974062'] i love playing chess and maybe your idea is good, but the gameplay is really NOT user-friendly. i guess, you have to work on it a little bit more. [/quote] Thank you for the feeback. What kind of problems did you found playing CAL? Something specific?
  7. I'm developing CAL to create a new way of playing chess. In this game users manage a group of chess pieces putting them on the board, buying new pieces and organizing matches with other players. In this way it is possible to create amazing chess games, with a lot of queens, rook, etc.. The pieces will play games on their own, according to chess rules. The system is on beta testing, so you can partecipate with suggestions, feedback and bug report. www.cal-chess.org