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  1. Problem: undefined reference to 'WinMain@16'

    My apologies.  I've just double checked mingw32.a and it is in fact in my MinGW\lib installation directory.  I checked the link line in C::B and I had "-lming32" not '-lmingw32' as it should have been.  This now links and runs as it does with the MS toolchain.   Many thanks for your time and assistance.  :)
  2. Problem: undefined reference to 'WinMain@16'

    I've checked the linker settings in Code::Blocks and neither of those libraries were present (at least I couldn't see if they were there).  I added each one in turn (separately) and the linker reported that neither of the libraries were present on my system. I don't want to install these incase it messes up something else since I'm using someone elses GCC distribution and given that GCC is particularily picky when it comes to linking libraries and such.   As a test I created a standard Win32 GUI application and noted that it links in kernel32, user32 and gdi32 (same as my executable) there didn't appear to be any reference or link setting to either of the libraries that you mentioned. So I assume no problems there.   Anymore help appreciated.
  3. Hello,   I'm using two compilers: VS2005 Professional Edition and a pre-built distribution of the GCC toolchain obtained here.  I'm using two compilers simply to test my code over alternative compilers.  Also I'm a newbie to GCC.   I have a static library which contains the framework and implementation of the WinMain function and an executable which links in the static library.  This works fine when I compile and link with the MS toolchain, however I get the error mentioned above when using the GCC toolchain. I know that this error is caused by the linker not finding the function in any of the object files that it is linking to the executable.  Is there anyway of getting around this using either a command-line compilation and linkage (using GCC) or using Code::Blocks 10.05 to make the applicable compile and link settings to get this to work?.   Thanks.    
  4. zlib, libpng and VS2005

    Hi,   Managed to get this sorted out thanks.  For those struggling with this here's the links I used to get a successful build.  Although its outlined for VS2008 this works equally in VS2005.   sources:   and   build process:   these libraries aren't the absolute latest builds but they were sufficient for my purposes. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Can anyone tell me the binary version (or sources) that I need to use or compile zlib and libPNG in vs2005 Professional Edition (with service pack 1).  I've noticed that within the sources that I've tried there doesn't appear to be a project solution file for VS2005.  The reason I'm asking is that I keep getting library conflicts (libcmtd and msvcrtd) and its driving me nuts.  This happens (with varying numbers of errors) depending on the setting in the Code-Generation for the project.  Any help appreciated. Thanks.