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    Hi hi, everyone, or HelloWorld!

    Thanks for your comments! It's amazing to get such support here. I appreciate it. Hi, bwiersma! Thx for the link, I saw some useful things there. ??????, Black-Rook) You know russian or just google translate?) Thanks for your answers. About moving the object currently I'm thinking about drowing the axis of selected object for the user to pull. But I'm still thinking about using mouse wheel too.
  2. Stas Mashevskiy

    Hi hi, everyone, or HelloWorld!

    Hello everyone! My name is Stas and I've got a dream. Yeah, right, my dream is to create games, but... There are plenty of reasons why I couldn't get a work of my dream: I'm living in Russia and here are no great gamedev companies, especially the one that would hire a student, who left his univercity after third course and does not have any big projects done. So today I'm working as a programmer, writing Enterprise software. Enough about me, let's talk about my great super project!... There is no one. But this is the beginning and I'd like to share this moment with you and I hope to get some support which will help me on this path. So! I'm starting to write a game level editor tool for my self, using C#. Wait, wait, wait! I know that there are many already written, and that it is common mistake to start gamedev from something like this, not from using unity or like. But I'm gonna try. This is all about it - learning. I want to understand how everything works, I want to create something, that would fit me perfectly. Everything I'm going to write is to be used for creating a tactical game. Why C#? Cause I just decided so. I know C++ at a good level, used Java at my work and now I'm using C#, so I though "why not". What's the idea and how It'll look like. It will have main OpenGl rendering window, object palette, Drag'n'drop functions, map save and load. That's it for begining. Simple? Yeah. But I've already got some questions. Just after posting this entry I'll go to the forum for the answers, but it'll be great if you will spend some of your time to show me the right way. -What's the better way to save my entire map? -Some examples of convenient dragging of an object with a mouse in a 3D space? -Good way to store resourses like object models and their definitions? I thought about some XML structured base. Thanks for reading and see you later!
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